Smear Campaign

Below is a copy of the letter Surrey police sent me in reply to my complaint about some officers some years ago when I first got wind that the police were complicit in my targeting.

Of course they denied it, and went on to further smear me that I was paranoid and delusional. I have since met many other people all with similar stories, like the guy in the post above and several other emails I have recently recieved.

DearMr Whiffin,

Thankyou for your contact with Surrey Police, please be aware that your email has been forwarded to the Professional Standards Department(PSD).

I can also confirm that we have been forwarded a record of your call to the Surrey Police Contact Centre on 24thApril 2017, reference number Pi00000, and I apologise that you have not been contacted sooner following your call. Your correspondence has been logged under the PSD reference number IX100000.

Within both your email below and your call on 24thApril, you have raised concerns that people are spreading baseless rumours that you are a criminal and/or pervert and that people are targeting you as a result of this, including causing damage to your vehicle. You have stated that you suspect you are being targeted by criminal freemasons due to a falling out some years ago. You also suspect that police officers may be involved inspreading these rumours. You state that you have had verbal confirmation from several people that the police were disclosing information. When later speaking with Inspector Pinkerton I understand that you were unable to provide any evidence of this but suggested that police make enquiries with certain people you named as you feel they would tell the truth.

PSDreference IX.0000000 relates to concerns you previously raised inyour email to PSD sent 29thMarch 2016. The concerns you raised within that email were substantially the same as described above. You alleged that SurreyPolice were complicit in an on-going campaign of harassment against you, which involved conspiring with others to harass and persecute you by spreading false stories and monitoring your communications.

As per our reply to you sent 30thMarch 2016, this complaint was not recorded due to it being considered as fanciful. The reasoning for this was because a reasonable person could not lend credence to the idea that such a large scale coordinated effort to persecute you is being conducted.Additionally, the majority of the issues you raised occurred morethan 12 months previous, and although this is not one of the criteriafor non-recording, even if a formal complaint were to be recorded itis likely that it would be dis-appliedas ‘out of time’. You submitted an appeal against this decision to the IPCC which was not upheld in their letter dated 18thJuly 2016.

Wenote that on this occasion you are requesting that Surrey Police speak to potential witnesses of the campaign you perceive against you, however without any evidence to suggest such a campaign ison-going this would not be proportionate. Whilst I appreciate this is not the response you were hoping for we will not be taking anyfurther action at this time.

Kind regards,

Joanna Ticehurst 15322
T/Office Manager
Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30

ProfessionalStandards Department
Surrey Police
PO Box101

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