You Can't Be Secret Society And Christian

You Can't Be Secret Society And Christian

My TRUE Story.

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Dear masonic psychopaths. We are strangers, not friends, with two different memories.    The truth......... and then there's your version.  Tell lies about me. I'll tell the truth about you.

We live in a world where the liars are revered and those telling the truth are despised. Apparently, people can't tell the difference, the masses are brainwashed.

Most gossip isn’t true. It’s usually just someone's personal opinion.

Or in the case of freemasons, it’s just total lies, fabricated evidence and deceit to hoodwink the general public into aiding and abetting them in their criminal activities.

freemasons don’t like me and the only way they know how to get back at me is to make up fake, unsubstantiated, slanderous stories about me and grossly exaggerate any very minor indiscretions from my past.

This is my 100% true story about what criminal freemasons are illegally doing to me and many other innocent people and how the corrupt masonic police turn a blind eye to their criminal activities and are in fact complicit, including slander, harassment, threats, incitement, vandalism and more.

They are also cowards and users. They do not like to get their hands dirty and will use others to do their dirty work.

They will spread lies about their victims to get the general public on their side and use them to carry out their illegal activities.

They will use corrupt masonic police to back up their slanderous and false stories about their victims.

I just happened to fall out with some of these corrupt, criminal, lowlife, scumbags, some years ago, nothing more than that. I’ve done nothing wrong.

They are the liars, they are the criminals, they are the psychopaths, not me!

When certain people start to dislike you

They will want everyone else to dislike you too

……….Then the lies begin.

People will tell you bad stories about me, not because I’m a bad person,

But because I am a victim of a conspiracy, a masonic smear campaign,

Just like Stephen Knight explains in his masonic exposé, The Brotherhood.

It’s a vendetta, nothing more than that.

They get the general public onboard by convincing them to go along with the persecution of their victim. Initially they will get them to do this by just telling them outright lies, but if this doesn’t work, although it usually does they will then resort to blackmail, coercion or even simply by just paying them.

They use lowlife scum to follow their victims around, coughing at them and other inane stunts to sensitise them. These lowlife scum are usually unemployed druggies and they are given some drugs or pin money to get them to cooperate.

The victims neighbours will be told falsely that he is a suspected pedo, drug dealer, or in fact anything to assassinate his character and start the persecution. This will be done by using corrupt masonic police.

The target will be watched and followed and so people they meet everyday, work colleagues, shop keepers, coffee shops, libraries etc, etc will be told these lies and treat the victim like a leper, the victim will then feel that everywhere they go they are being persecuted, shunned and targeted.

This system – cointelpro – as it was called was initially set up to counter activists and criminals, but of course with no due process the victims are powerless to challenge any false allegations against them and so is open to all kinds of abuse. The police and security forces use the masons and other right wing fascist groups to carry out this program and so there is nothing to stop these groups from adding totally innocent people to this program who may have just fallen foul of someone with connections – exactly like what is happening to me and exactly like what is described in Closing the Gap by GmB Barry.

They’re adept liars and very convincing, they have to be because what they are doing is highly illegal and on such a scale, if and when found guilty will almost certainly involve a prison sentence

People will tell you bad stories about me, not because I’m a bad person,

but because I am a victim of a conspiracy, a masonic smear campaign, straight out of Stephen Knights masonic exposé ‘The Brotherhood’.

It’s a vendetta, nothing more than that.

I got on the wrong side of some very evil people, gutless people and this is the way that they take their revenge - character assassination - smearing and slandering me with disgusting false allegations gutlessly behind my back so that by the time a victim gets wind of it, the damage to their character and reputation has been irreparably damaged. It can go on for many months, even years before the victim finds out about it, but because the general public are told never to say anything to the victim then it is virtually impossible for the victim to counter these false allegations against him or her. - 65 to 75% of the victims of this are women.

It took me a couple of years to find out what was going on, and even today I don’t know exactly what they are saying about me, but with all the innuendo and subtle messages, plus tips offs from sympathetic people I now have a better understanding. There are also books like The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight and the already mentioned Closing the Gap by GmB Barry that try to explain exactly what is going on and how and why they do it, and this fits exactly with what is happening to me. It has been going on for some 17 years now, since I fell out with a neighbour and some people I worked with, but at the time did not know that they were freemasons.

You don’t have to have done anything wrong to get on the wrong side of them, you just need to stand up to them and tell them to fcuk off and then they do this to you. Typical narcissistic bullies, lowlife, scummy, gutless bullies.

Being a ti is the most rough life.. especially when you have a good heart. I’m a nice guy, easy going laid back and helpful, but I’m being persecuted everyday for something I'm not, doesn’t matter what I do or say they going to do the same stuff, same lies everyday!! Same agenda same beast..

Phases Of The Targeting Program – Gang-stalking.

Selection of the targeted individual (ti) for any number of reasons,

eg. activist, deemed to have escaped justice for something, crossed the wrong person in authority, favour for someone, etc, etc.

Covert surveillance and monitoring begins, emails telephone calls etc.

Followed and studied to find out where they frequent, weaknesses, eg any vices, past misdemeanours etc however small.

Start to organise series of traumatic events in targets life.

Harassment including electronic harassment, noise harassment, sleep deprivation, vandalism.

Discrediting ti amongst ti’s friends and family, and jeopardising all ti’s relationships with outright slanderous lies and exaggerations.

Setting ti up for jail and mental institutionalisation with accusations of paranoia, etc

If any of the above fails to work, if the ti still achieves success or doesn’t seem to be unduly affected, then launching of overt attacks on ti’s success (ti is made fully aware at this stage)

Continuation, wash, rinse, repeat of the above overtly until ti’s life is completely destroyed, socially and financially resulting in death by suicide, cancer/illness, accidents etc.

A sort of, death by a thousand cuts...

unless you're a really strong, clever mf like me .... 

My story on the following pages has become a little disjointed now, since I was told I had to delete parts of it or risk having my website closed. Some of it apparently went against their terms and conditions. It was the parts where I named a lot of the people involved in my gang-stalking, targeting, slander and persecution. They don’t like the truth you see. They even tell people not to look at my website as they say it contains viruses that could affect their computers. Just more lies though, anything to keep the truth from being told. They are the criminals, they are the psychopaths, they are the liars, not me. I will update the following pages as and when time permits. Thank you for looking.