Smear Campaign and Police complaint letter

Because of an ongoing smear campaign against me it has recently been suggested that I am a misogynist, a woman hater, which is a lie and just couldn't be further from the truth. 

I have many female friends that would vouch for this including a very special lady friend of more than 6 years and also my ex who I still keep in contact with, nor am I violent or a trouble maker in any way what so ever.

12 ways to spot a misogynist

I can honestly say that I do not share a single one of those traits, and nor do I really hate anyone. I do not like gossips and fake plastic people that's true, and only feel sorry for them, but that goes for either men or women. I am also a little shy and I suppose that this can sometimes make me seem a little aloof a little weird even, but never nasty.

I just recently - 4/8/18 - had a very interesting phone call from another targeted guy who's a fb friend of mine and who lives up north. He says that last week he was arrested for harassment on the grounds of some false claims from 3 women who said he was a woman hater and had been harassing them. If we go back some 10 years, I had a similar experience with several of my neighbours who had been harassing ME and causing damage to my front door and car. When I went outside to remonstrate with them I was knocked to the floor by 3 big lads. A lady came out from a nearby house and said she had seen what had happened, these kids were always causing trouble she said and told me to call the police. Usually I would not  have done so, but this time I did and when the police did finally arrive they arrested me. In court the woman changed her story and the other 4 neighbours all lied and I was found guilty of harassment and given 100 hours community work. Since then I have been smeared as a trouble maker and even a woman hater wherever I go which couldn't be further from the truth. I have many female friends that would vouch for this including a very special lady friend of more than 6 years and also my ex who I still keep in contact with, nor am I violent or a trouble maker in any way what so ever. This also happened to another fb friend from London who had a run in with a freemasons son 20 years ago. Notice a pattern here??? These sorts of stories are becoming much more commonplace and there are many instances highlighted in the book, CLOSING THE GAP. Please see ch2. This IS happening in Britain today to innocent people, to anyone the authorities don't like or those 'set-up' by people 'in the know' ie. groups such as the masons. I am a victim of this, though I've never been accused of any crime. They are doing this to me, now, today! Perhaps because of my facebook page detailing masonic, police corruption which is now rife in this country. These people are very cunning and conniving and can make people believe most anything, but when this eventually goes to court, and it will, I will have dozens if not hundreds of witnesses to call. These people will have to attend, like it or not or be in contempt of court. Perhaps some will lie and perjure themselves, but why? Most people though will tell the truth, and that is when their little criminal conspiracy falls apart.  Do your own research folks ...

I have been researching these freemasons and their vendetta/smear campaign against me and others for some 8 years.

There are two sides to them, one is visible, the other invisible. The lower degrees are highly deceived, deliberately kept in the dark. Where as the higher degrees have a whole other evil purpose and agenda.

There is no mystery around freemasonry, freemasons are not mystics, they don't hold any secret knowledge that's unknowable to the "profane", the only secrets they possess are the skeletons in other people's closets that they have illegally gleaned from their corrupt lackeys that are in positions of trust. A lot of masons have a "civil" service background as cops or military men, they are the literal cold, dead leftovers of a system they've been suckers to for their entire lives, they can't even unplug themselves. Anyone that then becomes a victim of them, then has this 'knowledge' that they have illegally gleaned spread around to all and sundry. Of course it will have been enhanced and exaggerated first making their victim seem like a cross between ian brady and adolf hitler.

To summarise; they are a cult within a cult. They have a lot of numbers but the lower ranks are all just about passing information up the pipe. They are used and lied to just as the profane - non masons - are. At this level its all about back scratching. Getting the occasional job or getting off with a drink driving charge keeps them happy and towing the line. Their secret society is a very real component in the whole power structure of what’s going on in the world today. They only really get enlightened when they reach 33rd degree though, by then they have been watched, observed and assessed so that the hierarchy are confident enough to disclose to them about the luciferian programming we are all under. Almost all people of high positions worldwide will most likely be 33rd degree. They are the glue to controlling the luciferian system.

Throughout my research I have read many times in many books and on the internet that their ultimate aim when smearing a male victim is to get him labelled a pedophile, then obviously not many people are going to want to know him, help him or believe his story - women victims, of which there are many will be smeared as bad mothers or unfaithful wives etc.

The problem with falsely labelling a man a pedo though is that if he gets an inkling of this he can always prove that he isn't by way of an up to date CRB/DBS check, which is exactly what I have just done. People are also going to ask, if is watching or downloading child pornography then why hasn't he been arrested or investigated for this.

This is why their latest tactic now is to say, that any male victim is a woman hater, a misogynist a wife/girlfriend abuser. They can then back up this slanderous lie by falsely saying that the target is on a police watch list because he has been reported for looking at hardcore violent pornography and is therefore a potential rapist. I was informed that this can then easily be backed up by hacking the victims computer with incriminating evidence. But in reality this is not even necessary as they only have to spread this lie about the victim and then give it support by getting a corrupt police or other official to corroborate this false story. These false stories are then spread around the neighbourhood to friends, neighbours shops, etc. and also to women's groups who will then obviously take a very special interest in this man. And this is what is happening to me and has been happening for some 10 years now. It has also become apparent that there are many other victims of this crime now coming forward too.


In the last few years I have made several complaints to the police, then to the IPCC. I also spoke to my local MP, Dominic Raab, and Theresa May when she was the Home Secretary. I also spoke to Jane Clifts solicitors. They all basically said the same thing, that I need to get evidence...

So, this is a recent letter of complaint I sent to Surrey police, and below is their response.

I am being slandered, harassed, victimised and persecuted by certain people, all part of a smear campaign which first started some 10 years ago. I have reported this to the Surrey police several times. The most recent was on the 24th April 2017. I then received a phone call a couple of days later from officer 2236 Pinkerton where I complained to him that I thought the police were complicit in my harassment as I had verbal confirmation from several people that the police were telling people, falsely that I was a criminal and a possible pervert. This would explain why many people including most of my neighbours don’t talk to me, are rude, anti-social and shun me and my car, amongst other things is constantly vandalised. This anti-social treatment happens where ever I go, as far afield as Southsea and Bognor on the south coast to Bromley in Kent, which I realise are different police forces, but proves it must be well orchestrated. The main instances of this harassment of me though happen in my local environment of Esher, Dorking and Guildford and many other places in between so that is why I contacted Surrey police again. To date I still have not received a reply to my latest complaint or any correspondence confirming my complaint. The people involved in this campaign against me and many of the general-public have also heard details of a couple of minor offences from when I was much younger. These have of course now been exaggerated to make it sound like I’m some kind of violent criminal, which I am not, as my latest CRB/DBS check is clean.  So, who’s been telling them? Who’s been spreading this slanderous crap about me? I believe I am right in saying that police officers have the right to warn neighbours and the community in general if a violent offender or potential sex offender moves into the area. After recently receiving some important new information, I now believe that it is very likely that I have been set up, perhaps with my laptop being hacked with false evidence to incriminate me, as I have had people call me pedo and rapist several times plus much innuendo. Also, a friend’s son just 2 weeks ago said he had heard that I look at porn, which is just so absurd because I don't. I had a falling out with some freemasons some years ago when all this harassment of me started. One psychotic, old, masonic neighbour even threatened me saying, 'cold isn't it?’ When I replied, ‘it is a bit chilly’, he replied, threateningly, ‘It's going to get a lot effing colder.' Many more people are now coming forward to tell me that what I am saying is true, and that I am indeed being slandered and character assassinated behind my back, although most are reticent to make a statement due to their fear of reprisals. I am just starting with my quest to bring these criminals to justice and so this is why I am now making this formal complaint. I gave officer Pinkerton names of several people that I thought would corroborate my story. I am not sure if anyone has spoken to these people yet and what, if any, was their response. I have many, many more names of people I now think would corroborate my story, but unless you are going to take my allegations seriously and go and talk to these people this criminality will just continue. Of course if I have been set-up to look like a nonce then the police would just be doing their job because they would believe that they are just doing their job. If that were true though, surely I would have been interviewed about this by now? Also, several weeks ago I was set-up, again, this time to look like I was money laundering. The result was that I had my bank account closed down. But again, there have been no fraud charges brought against me and when I contacted the police they said they didn’t know anything about any fraud investigations about me. I now believe I am being targeted by criminal freemasons because of a masonic vendetta, this has been going on now for more than 10 years. I was also falsely accused, charged and found guilty of harassment about 9 years ago, despite me being the victim after being assaulted by my neighbour’s son and two of his mates. A lady witness saw what happened and encouraged me to call the police and report it. I did this and when we got to court she changed her story and said I had started the trouble, which was a lie. I now believe she was coerced by these same people to change her story. I have also been reported maliciously to the DHSS for working while claiming benefits and then The Office of Public Guardian for misappropriating my Mothers funds. Both times I was investigated and exonerated and found I had no charges to answer. Can’t you see a pattern here? I believe the same people were behind these malicious lies as well. I am not going to put up with this crap any longer. There are too many people that know what is going on, but are afraid and are keeping quiet. Are you going to investigate my claims? If not, why not? When I made a similar complaint before, you said that you thought I was paranoid, although you never put that in writing. Do you still think this?

Kind regards

Graham Whiffin


Dear Mr Whiffin,


Thank you for your contact with Surrey Police, please be aware that your email has been forwarded to the Professional Standards Department (PSD).


I can also confirm that we have been forwarded a record of your call to the Surrey Police Contact Centre on 24th April 2017, reference number Pi00000, and I apologise that you have not been contacted sooner following your call. Your correspondence has been logged under the PSD reference number IX100000.


Within both your email below and your call on 24th April, you have raised concerns that people are spreading baseless rumours that you are a criminal and/or paedophile and that people are targeting you as a result of this, including causing damage to your vehicle. You have stated that you suspect you are being targeted by criminal freemasons due to a falling out some years ago. You also suspect that police officers may be involved in spreading these rumours. You state that you have had verbal confirmation from several people that the police were disclosing information. When later speaking with Inspector Pinkerton I understand that you were unable to provide any evidence of this but suggested that police make enquiries with certain people you named as you feel they would tell the truth.


PSD reference IX.0000000 relates to concerns you previously raised in your email to PSD sent 29th March 2016. The concerns you raised within that email were substantially the same as described above. You alleged that Surrey Police were complicit in an on-going campaign of harassment against you, which involved conspiring with others to harass and persecute you by spreading false stories and monitoring your communications.


As per our reply to you sent 30th March 2016, this complaint was not recorded due to it being considered as fanciful. The reasoning for this was because a reasonable person could not lend credence to the idea that such a large scale coordinated effort to persecute you is being conducted. Additionally, the majority of the issues you raised occurred more than 12 months previous, and although this is not one of the criteria for non-recording, even if a formal complaint were to be recorded it is likely that it would be disapplied as ‘out of time’. You submitted an appeal against this decision to the IPCC which was not upheld in their letter dated 18th July 2016.


We note that on this occasion you are requesting that Surrey Police speak to potential witnesses of the campaign you perceive against you, however without any evidence to suggest such a campaign is on-going this would not be proportionate. Whilst I appreciate this is not the response you were hoping for we will not be taking any further action at this time.


Kind regards,


Joanna Ticehurst   15322
T/Office Manager 
Mon-Fri  08:00-16:30


Professional Standards Department 
Surrey Police 
PO Box 101 


Targeting UK: 


The FBI’s COINTELPRO, Project Pedophile, being implemented in the UK now.

In today’s UK COINTEL Program, using one of the FBI’s favourite soft kill tactics, is to label targeted individuals as pedophiles in order to maximize trauma to the “target,” who in reality is a victim of outrageous government conduct. The governmentally-affiliated parties involved will relay to all of the targeted individual’s contacts, that he or she is mentally unstable, delusional, involved in pedophilia, child pornography, bestiality, rape, sexual deviancy, is a homosexual, has a history of violence, or has committed a crime of moral turpitude in order to isolate and destroy them.

Cointelpro = COunter INTELigence PROgram

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” -  Oscar Wilde.

It's big in the USA too

It's big in the USA too

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