Chaos out of order

... and neither is their destination.... HELL!

... and neither is their destination.... HELL!

Chapter 7. The moronic masonic freakmason connection. Chaos out of order. masons are CNUTS!

It's the numbers doing my head in happened 6pm, 6 dead, in 6 minutes. Police at 13 scenes. White male, normal type when this happens usa and the guy American. Plymouth a masonic hub.

Alarm bells ringing.....masonic?


Derrick Bird goes down in history as one of the biggest multiple murderers using guns, like Thomas Hamilton did during the Dunblane massacre. That is using guns, despite the almost blanket ban on gun possession in a British police state.

Very few people in the UK have any form of weapon to protect themselves from criminals and state tyranny. Most are either establishment types with large estates or members of the local masonic lodge, but that does not include the thousands of gun totting masonic cops hand picked to carry sub machine guns. Britain basically has a gun regime that does not allow anyone that is not part of the above groups to have a licence to own a gun.

Bird had a criminal record which should have been enough to block his gun licence however the cops would only recommend his licence if he was, like themselves, a mason. He was also a taxi driver and many masons who have past criminal records like Bird used taxi work as an alternative means of earning money and the masonic order also use them as listening stations with knowledge of when people go on holiday and their houses are empty. Their lodge buddies can then stake out their house for a raid. So with limited information it can be speculated that Bird has a strong possibility of being a mason and like Dunblane murderer Thomas Hamilton should NOT have been able to get a licence. Also how did it take the masonic cops in Cumbria THREE hours to find him despite shooting 37 people with 12 dying of their injuries

masonic links here too. Funny how they all get 'air-brushed out' after a while. A bit like the Hillsborough disaster cops... 

Anders Behring Breivik who was arrested for the Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre and Thomas Hamilton of the 1996 Dunblane massacre both had links to the secret sect of Freemasonry.

Photographs showing Anders Behring Breivik in full masonic ceremonial attire have surfaced on the internet providing a possible link between himself and the Freemasons.

Most people are not going to look at this 5hr 15mins long video, but you really should if you don't believe just how evil, sick and twisted these scumbags really are;

"Most psychopaths don’t technically break the law and most never go to prison or mental hospitals. They lead seemingly normal lives by not hurting people in ways that attract attention. Their attacks are usually covert and subtle.

They are typically not held accountable for the physical, emotional, and psychological damage they inflict. Few victims report them to the police due to the shame they feel for being deceived. Although they usually don’t commit crimes, their behavior is a type of crime within the context of natural law.

As one of their special abilities, they can terrorize most normal people, often in covert ways. Just as they are able to mask themselves they can mask their attacks, which are often psychological and emotional. Their subtle arsenal of tactics is designed to place people on the defensive, make them retreat, or submit—all done while being concealed.

Psychopaths need frequent amusement and like to play games with people. Absent any goal, they will deceive and manipulate people because they find it exciting. They feel sadistic pleasure while mocking and controlling others. It offers them a thrill. To them it is fun.

Many psychopaths focus on a single person at a time because it takes much effort to maintain a facade for multiple different people simultaneously. However, some do enjoy the challenge of running multiple deceits. Some are opportunistic and will take advantage of anyone. Others are more patient and wait for what they consider to be the perfect victim. Some enjoy the challenge of attacking confident people, while others prefer the weak and vulnerable".


Freemasonry 302: There is no "Gang Stalking." There is only "Zersetzung."

To summarise my research. My research is in depth over a 8 year period and I have been a bit privileged to certain information. In layman’s terms it is a cult within a cult. They have a lot of numbers but the lower ranks are all just about passing information up the pipe. At this level its all about back scratching. Getting the occasional job or getting off with drink driving (hey you're a member of our club) their secret society is a very real component in the whole power structure of what’s going on in the world today. They only really get enlightened when they reach 33rd degree though, by then the society are confident enough to disclose to them about the luciferian programming we are all under. Almost all people of high positions worldwide will most likely be 33rd degree. They are the glue to controlling the luciferian system.

A Top Freemason Speaks Out Against the Craft: An Interview with Former Eminent Grand Commander Glenn Beck

BY  · PUBLISHED JULY 29, 2018 · UPDATED JULY 29, 2018

We believe that Freemasonry should be subject to a public enquiry and a parliamentary debate in the U.K. with a view to banning it in its current form. We believe that Freemasonry has become a serious risk to national security, and that extremist groups can use its presence behind supposed democratic systems of government as an excuse to attack western countries putting the lives of the public in danger.

Freemasonry, making sad men sadder - freaks!

You're one of the destroyed people at the hands of the freemasons called a Targeted Individual. Destroyed by the power and greed of the criminal organisation known as the freemasons. They run the drug trafficking around the world, controlling the drugs Mafia through their Masons Lodges. Manipulating the justice system and the security services such as MI5, MI6 the National Crime Agency and all local police. Stealing talented peoples businesses and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

Help the TIA to bring the Masons and their helpers to justice and bring an end to Freemason Gang Stalking, with their use of the British Drug Mafia and Mafias around the world. Using local drug dealers and criminals along with the security services NSA, CIA, MI5, MI6, the NCA (National Crime Agency) and local law enforcement to help them ring-fence anyone in opposition to them. Its the same in all countries. 

The Masons are the only true organised crime family on Earth!
Its time for them to GO! Its time to take back our lives & Get Paid For It!

The Deceivers; Making Sad Men Sadder, Turning Good Men Bad. masons Are Masters Of Nothing But Deceit.

You Can’t Be Secret Society And Christian.

The Bible is just one book of many that masons can swear on. It is considered equal to the Koran, religious texts from the Hindu, Buddhist religions (and others) can also be used.

The Lord God, Jesus Christ Himself, has forbidden oaths, and he hates sin. And yet masonry is nothing but oath after oath of vileness, sin and slander.

It might be true that masons believe in ‘’one god’’. However, it is the god of all religions, and particularly of the early pagan mystery religions. (You can see it in the symbols if you have the education or knowledge of what they were.)

Even if you just look at it logically, one could easily see that this is a lie, as these different faiths have directly conflicting beliefs. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT THE GOD OF CHRISTIANITY, and it is blasphemy to equate the Lord Jesus Christ with ‘’gods’’ of other religions and call him just another light.

Do not be mistaken; God is not mocked - masons repent. I know that when you lie, it is because you are behaving like your father, the Father of Lies.

My life changed after I posted this link on my Freedom from freemasonry Facebook page.

Ch4 News: UK Paedophile Ring Are Mostly freemasons

How Freemasons destroy Families.

"This is one of the methods of how freemasons tear apart and destroy the homes and family units of their victims. I don't know what they call it, and have learned only through observation.

It involves a three pronged attack of social nature against each of the victims; both the male and the female.

The three dimensions/aspects of the attacks through social circles are:

1) The social circles of both members of the couple.
2) The social circles of the employment of both members of the couple.
3) The social circles of their community.

They attack both the male and female with rumours in each of those three dimensions/aspects of their lives.

The standard method is to attack the three social circles of both the male and female with rumours of the female being unfaithful along with a fabricated pretense for the female's supposed infidelity and a fabricated pretense of the male's short comings.

For example:

Rumours are spread throughout the male's place of employment, their social circles of friends, and the community; simultaneously as rumours are spread throughout the female's place of employment, their social circles and friends, and the community.

The female is portrayed as being "fed up" with some rumoured short coming of the male, while being portrayed as having a certain talent or specialty or knack of a sexual nature. The purpose of this rumour is to draw attention to her from other men. It portrays the female as being sexually unfaithful for some "good reason", encouraging other men to make advances towards her.
The male is portrayed as being insufficient to the female, usually along with some rumour of spousal abuse, substance abuse, child abuse, or mental illness. The purpose is to cause other males to lose respect for the male throughout those three environments, as a passive means of encouraging advances towards to the female.

Most men might find someone's wife attractive, but won't make sexual advances for respect or appreciation of the male. The use of rumours to this effect, diminish and demonize the male in the perceptions of both the female's and the male's peers.

References and inferences (explicit and implicit) are used to jab at, or take shots at the male with suggestions his wife is being sexually unfaithful, to accompany sexual advances from other males.

Should the male observe other men making the advances, the wife's reactions may encourage and bolster his perceptions of her unfaithfulness. The point is to cause the female to be approached or hit on by other men, while the male is forced to grow suspicious of his wife.

The combination of accusations of unfaithfulness, accompanied by opportunity to punish the male with infidelity, are then perpetually aggravated by the males who seek opportunity for the sexual specialty/talent/knack of the female.

Eventually the stress within the family unit leads to actual acts of infidelity, and often results in actual situations of spousal abuse, substance abuse, and eventual collapse of the family unit.

And this is one method that freemasons will employ slander and defamation through rumour spreading, to destroy a family.

As to motives, the freemason may have one or several. In some extreme cases the freemason is a pedophile hoping to have an advantage over a child who's family unit's collapse makes them vulnerable. If the slanders and defamation lead to loss of employment, the freemason may approach a child with promises of presents, comfort, or otherwise.
If the purpose is merely to "bring someone down a notch", then the freemasons may cease their activities once the family unit has collapsed into a broken home. If the purpose is prolonged exploitation of either the male or female, then the slanders and defamation continue indefinitely.

A freemason will within three months, personally victimize every person they have access to. This means that once a freemason has obtained an employment position, within three months, they will have spread rumours and incited animosity of one form or another, throughout the entirety of the place of employment; often pursuing their victims to their family units and social circles also.

Beware the freemason.

The easiest method to find one, is to do that super homo freemason handshake with the thumb massage thing. That handshake is the basic equivalent of giving someone an emotional hand job. The freemason handshake tells the freemason that "I'm there for you", and "I'll help you", and "I'll slander people with you".

This an example of the degrees of masonic membership, where each degree is merely knowledge of a more adept form of slander and defamation. They haze each other with the same tools of slander, to establish themselves as immune to their own head games. A freemason who achieves any certain degree, is expected to be able to withstand the given social attack of the degree he hopes to earn, while also expected to be able to carry out the same social attack of the degree he hopes to earn.

These people are less than worms. If you suspect someone of being a freemason, try the thumb massage super homo handshake. If the person responds with it, you have a freemason; and having knowledge of how freemasons think, act, and operate, gives you the advantage at setting them up.

To set them up, merely advise people ahead of time that you suspect the freemason of being a slanderer, and warning others that they are likely to sow vicious and juvenile rumours about other people. This way when the freemason begins to work his magic of rumours on other employees, members of the community, and etc... then he walks into a trap for the fact others suspect it ahead of time.

That last point, is incidentally, one of the methods freemasons use themselves. A targeted individual is portrayed as a rumour spreader or someone who tells stories. Then any time the victim discusses anything with anyone, even if telling the truth, it appears they are telling stories.

If we know how the creatures called freemasons operate, we can retaliate and neutralize their advantages. And hopefully, if enough people are instructed and aware of the methods that freemasons use, we can hopefully save some of our families from collapsing and falling apart into broken homes.

I am not sure if it is fair and accurate to accuse freemasons and freemasonry of being explicitly to blame for the amount of broken homes in the western world; but I would attribute most of it to them. There are after all, at least two million of them in the USA"

This is such an interesting and surprisingly honest programme and it highlights the importance of spiritual discernment. There are always two sides to every story. It's interesting to me that this Christian TV channel has been the ONLY channel on the Christian platform to have exposed Freemasonry several times and is also now the ONLY channel to have been investigated by the Charity Commission for misappropriation of funds (which was not upheld) and hounded to the extent that it has! There is definitely a correlation here! It shows how easily people (often Freemasons/Luciferians) can infiltrate the Christian church/media, conspire to bring others down and "deceive even the elect"! Story of my life for the last six years.😜

Seems like these sad dinosaurs days are numbered now ayway. Seems like there are investigations going on into the elites involvement in pedo rings which will undoubtedly show a masonic connection. This is how these scum have been getting away with it for so long, but not anymore. 

Slander, perjury, harassment, conspiracy, incitement, blackmail, perverting the course of justice and a host of other charges are soon to be coming their way.  Hope they rot in hell....



I've had the occasion of meeting several Masons over the years and my verdict is: Losers all. From what I've witnessed, talentless or lazy people join this "fraternal order" because they want an easy way to material success. It's a haven for deadbeats. In their system, a Mason's first duty is to one of their "brothers." Thus, when one of them needs a job, he gets one regardless of his qualifications. He then must "perform" for his lofty status by trading in his honor, morals, etc and doing whatever is asked of him. If the task(s) is so done and is approved of, he gets his reward -usually the granting of a wish or desire within the the company. Anyone else working alongside the Mason ends up doing all his work. No support from management, no objections entertained. The Order always has several high ranking executives under their thumb and these weaklings-in-spirit protect the more feeble and easily controlled ones beneath them. It was my father who warned me about Masons. He said they were in all the utilities, board rooms and any institutions where decisions affecting a lot of people were made. Maybe that explains why our society, country and civilization is so screwed up.

Have you heard of John Salza? Find his videos on youtube. He is a former Freemason who now rejects the very principles of Freemasonry in society. Here is his site info:

I  read your article about Freemason corruption and felt i had to share my story with you.  -

My father joined freemasonry and made 3rd master mason before coming to canada where his conscience did not allow him to enlist when he met my mother here and had me. It took them 30 years to finally remove him from this world through corruption of our medical / Health care system, before his passing he shared many secrets and warning signs with me regarding the pure evil residing on this planet, as such I bear light and will condemn any secret societies as if it is to be kept secret, there is something wrong with it. I too have been tortured and harassed my entire life as I look back beyond my comprehension of this evil, I spent many years volunteering my time to spread Love and truth as an underground rave dj until the wolves in sheep's clothing destroyed my credibility through lies and rumors. I still believe us rebels will destroy this evil empire but we must believe with our hearts not our minds as minds can be controlled with technology. I refuse to own a cell phone because that is their number 1 manipulation tool.


While the freemason controlled media dig up every and any names of suspect groups that THEY consider terrorists they themselves protect the only terrorist group men need to be concerned about . The chances of being destroyed by THEIR named terrorists are microscopic compared with the chances of being destroyed by freemasons that is so high few men go through life without being targeted by... them for fleecing.

They may not use bombs or guns but they use their LAWS and psychological pressure to steal from men before pushing them into an early grave. The global freemason mafia run by the 5,000,000 scum and filth, who are elevated into key positions thanks to their hold over the legal and political mafia's, is cause for such serious concern when the mass media fail time and again to identify who are really behind the biggest scandals globally .
In the UK the exposure of Jimmy Savile the BBC's predatory paedo, who was protected by the masonic controlled BBC as well as the masonic controlled cops and who despite repeated reports, allowed this evil pervert to abuse children for decades. However the biggest crimes being committed globally are by those who have given themselves the total monopoly over decisions relating to law and what is and isn't criminal, and who and who wont be jailed for the vast criminality of their brothers. That lies within the masonic judicial mafia who have stealthily given themselves breathtaking powers over every man's estate. It is only a matter of time before every man on the planet is touched by the evil hand of freemasonry if they have attempted to accumulate any wealth in their lifetime that is either sitting in the masonic controlled banks or have a property with the title deeds sitting in those same banks.

Nothing is outside their control and anyone who THINKS they own stuff needs to wake up to how quickly, what they think they own, can be repossessed through dodgy court orders signed by a solitary judicial pen that can take whatever they want . That can be especially during bankruptcy which is the masons prime means to target men and any business that dares to compete with the freemason run multi-nationals. Men out with satanic control have an enormous battle on their hands, but at least armed with the knowledge of their scams and how they operate can ensure less and less men get embroiled in their machinations of the laws that they themselves alone reside over and who ensured the age-old protection of juries has been dismantled allowing a global tyranny to rise up consisting of the most vile scum and filth able to raid the estates of men duped into their trillion dollar financial Ponzi schemes (scams).


A Freemason is a person who knowingly destroys people's lives for self-gain.

Freemasons portray themselves as a good charitable fraternity of men. They own the media so they get to say what they want. They have infiltrated all of society. It is nothing less than an international money-making scam (same as the crooked pyramid schemes). Did you know that the ninth degree Masons take their vows to kill for Freemasonry ???? some charity. M...asons are also the NWO's foot-soldiers. All secret societies, orders and cults are as one (intertwined) with this evil human virus called "Freemasonry".

In defense of most Masons, they were conned in the first place. They were led to believe it was a good fraternity of men, then they were hoodwinked and threatened with violence. If they had known this before they joined, nobody would have anywhere near them. Masons are trapped into this extreme evil, they are too scared to talk freely. They have become FM slaves and most have become crooked benefactors.

This information is brought to you by Second Family (UK), a support/pressure group for victims of Freemasonry. We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change and to educate 90% of the world. One Mason will lead you to all other Masons in business/politics/authorities and at social events,
engagements, weddings and funerals.


The Brotherhood

Many of the tactics being used against me are straight out of Stephen Knights expose, The Brotherhood. Coughing, banging doors, noise harassment. Ring any bells?

Some of the people with a grudge against me are freemasons.

My persecution and harassment became very much worse after I started a freemason expose page of my own on facebook.

Several other people I have spoken to that are also getting this treatment have also suggested a masonic link.

Excerpt taken from the last paragraph of chapter 16 from Stephen Knight's The Brotherhood

‘Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them,’ he told me. ‘Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It’s … you see, I … you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under. If they don’t give in It’s only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them’. ‘There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.”

Message to me from an ex mason, born again Christian.

Hi Graham
My name is ********** *******, ****** ***** sent me your email. I am an ex freemason but am now a practicing born again Christian. I was in the masons for many years and have dealt with many Masonic problems in the years since I left. Nothing will surprise me at the depths to which masons will plumb to discredit honest people.
If u can send me an email to my email address just outlining some of the issues and then maybe we can see what we can do to help u. Maybe could ring u at a later date if that's ok

God bless

Why does reachout trust have a section on the evils of these people?

Why do sozo ministries hold several 'freedom from freemasonry' conferences each year? One of which I attended last Sept. which showed me the evil of these people.

The whole day was spent praying to lift the masonic curses. That's right these sad, sick people actualy put curses on people and various parts of their bodies. These people really are the pits. Not so much 'the craft', witchcraft more like it.

Another victims story.

More messages to me.

Hi Graham

I'm a self employed woman based in ********** and have been targeted for at least 10yrs. I eventually stumbled across the term 'gangstalking' on the web earlier this year and everything fell into place.

 It's been an eye opener reading other people's experiences. There seems to be a lot of Freemason involvement in this - I was reading **** ***** accounts in North Wales. The people running these programs are psychopaths!


It could be a number of things Gray my targeting was ordered by a freemason after his drunk son tried attacking me and I defended myself over 20 years ago!.


Same here , found out freemasons involved in our stalking too ..

And you sure don't wanna come here ,it's horrible everywhere anyway...I wish I could help in some way, but can't even help myself ****** ..

And so many other stories like this, and a large percentage of them seem to be women. Could this be why?


For the most part, no.  About 95% of all Masons haven't a clue as to what is really going on in their own lodges.  Only 30th Degree Masons and above may be allowed to know these secrets.  Of those Masons who are 30th and above, only 5% of them know the full truth, because they have already been initiated into the Illuminati.  Most of the time, an Illuminist will enter into the ranks of Masonry simply to continue the infiltration process.  Eventually, this Illuminist will become one of the high ranking Masons and will, therefore, be able to better control the Masonic world because of his degree and power.

Another victim's story.


My name is ***** ***** i live in the south of England.

21 years ago i had a run in with a drunk son of a local Freemason this Freemasons name is G B his sons name is J B, J B tried attacking me in a local nightclub but came of second best, he fabricated a story that actually saw me defending myself in Crown Court, luckily the evidence showed that i was telling the truth and i was acquitted and free to go, but i left that court a condemned man!.

Since i left that court my life has slowly been destroyed piece by piece, I have for the last 21 years become a targeted individual by the Freemasons, way back when my targeting began i started getting constantly harassed by my local police force as well as experiencing burglaries and vandalism of my cars, the police did nothing when i reported all this negative stuff going on?.

I then moved and the targeting seemed to subside somewhat, but around ten years ago i started realizing that something was going on again, my cars were being targeted again and my business started falling apart for no reason!, i was powerless to do anything about it as i had no proof.

Around 5 years ago my targeting moved up a gear, I started noticing things around my home were not right my pet dog became very nervous and afraid when i left him home alone, I noticed things were being moved around in my house so as i would notice, but as there was no forced entry I couldn't report this to the police.
My dog was then poisoned and nearly died i started to return home to find my belongings were being damaged with things like my stereo my computers laptop etc were being taken apart and left in pieces for me to find when i got home.

It was now obvious that people were entering my home whilst i was out and doing these things but i couldn't understand how they were getting in?, I then left a recording device hidden in my home when i went out, when i came back and listened to it i was disturbed to discover people were entering my home through the loft hatch as my home was a semi detached house they were coming across from the neighbors house which was owned by a guy called M D whom had taken a dislike to me since id moved in property.

I reported this to the police and gave them a copy of the recording where you could clearly hear several people entering my home through the loft hatch, the police basically laughed at me and said i was imagining it!! they also informed me that there computers could not open the flash drive i gave to them with the recording on??.

These home invasions went on even though id then secured the loft hatch they were still managing to get into my property?, one day i came home to find human excrement on my bed which really started me thinking that these people were of the thinking that they could do whatever they wanted as they were being protected by the police!.

My targeting was getting out of hand !!.

I then started getting strange behavior whilst out in public it felt like someone
was going around to everyone i knew and came into contact with slandering my good name and reputation with some kind of fabricated lies and rumors,it was then i started getting whats classed as gang stalked i was harassed and followed by police and people i assume were undercover police everywhere i went and i mean everywhere the shops, the gym, the bank etc i started experiencing mob like mentality everywhere i went.

This was all getting very annoying and unsettling, I then came home one day to find my dog had been attacked he had been smashed over the head with something that had left him with severe permanent damage to one of his eyes which was very upsetting!, I for the last time reported this to the police whom at this point were pretty much laughing me off with everything i was reporting to them on this occasion they said i was making all of this up and asked me if i had any history of mental illness in my family and proceeded to detain me to be evaluated for my mental health which i was shocked and amazed at as i could now see what there goal was and also confirmed to me that the police were certainly perpetrators involved in my targeting!.

I was released after being evaluated and found to be of sound mind and body this was all becoming unbelievable and i was lost as to what i could do about what was going on?.

The targeting then increased even more and i started getting people creeping around my property late at night and in the early hours of the morning, on two occasions i caught my neighbor all dressed in black acting very suspicious in the early hours of the morning around the front of my property another neighbor also caught M D dressed all in black at 1 am creeping around the front of my house.

My property and belongings continued to be damaged and vandalized at this point and i was powerless to do anything about it I was feeling pretty lost, id tried catching these vile people on CCTV systems which was a waste of time and money because as soon as i went out they would get into my property and dismantle and destroy all the security measures i put in place.

It was at this point i started realizing my food was being tampered with and on the last day in that house i prepared myself some food and within minutes i realized i had been poisoned lucky for me my younger brother was with me and he called 999 for an ambulance as i had collapsed and was unconscious.

I remember waking up in A&E hooked up to loads of machines i stayed there like that for the next 24 hours i was constantly vomiting and having seizures, the staff at the hospital did no blood tests or toxicology tests whilst i was there and as soon as i was stabilized they told me to leave, at this point i was vomiting blood and couldn't walk unassisted but i left and my brother took me to my mothers where for the next 5 days i continued vomiting blood and was very ill indeed.

I then realized it wasn't safe for me or my dog to remain in my home!, so since then we have been living like refugees in my mothers home, my business at this point had been completely destroyed along with the ability to earn an income.

Iv'e recently lost my home, my business is gone and i'm like public enemy number one in my home town, I cant even find any work here as anywhere i go to find work it seems that someone gets in there afterwards and informs them i'm targeted and i get the door slammed in my face!.

So this is my story so far but just a brief version as if i wrote in detail what iv'e been through id be here for months!.

I am now targeted with various types of electronic harassment but that's a whole other story!!, I'm constantly researching online and that's how i came across the Second Family Organisation which i understand has been formed by other people who's lives have been destroyed by the Freemason's.

I look forward to hearing from you and on how I can get involved with your organisation?.

Kindest regards,

So mote it be!

Proper fucking pissed off with stupid twats running around thinking they are part of the CIA- get a fecking grip will you = community intelligence is a new spin they have given to the word grass- grow the fook up

"visited my old college, since some of the guys I know there were participating in a literary reading of their own work. After the reading was over, everyone was mingling, and I hear this one guy, no older than 22, speaking about the Masons. He is apparently a member. I walk over, listen, and start to ask basic questions. We laugh about the "conspiracy theorists" and their ideas. 

Masons, he says, are good for raising money for their communities and giving members a sense of being a part of something that actually matters. Only two rules apply to join, he says: 1) You must be male. 2) You must believe in a God/higher power. 

The guy gives me his business card and invites me to partake in a personal tour of the lodge where he is a member. In fact, he then offers me to join the Masons. He would be the personal reference I would need, and after an extensive background check, I would be good. Within a year, I should be able to move up to 3rd degree Mason. I took the card, said thank you and left. I have not contacted him. 

Weeks later, I spoke to a friend of mine about this experience, and he reminded me that the Masons are, after all, the avenue to fame and fortune. Was I tempted to join? Absolutely. The thought still runs through my head. I still have the guy's business card. This avenue would probably solve problems and bring comfort to my family's life. But at what price? 

I've had the occasion of meeting several Masons over the years and my verdict is: Losers all. From what I've witnessed, talentless or lazy people join this "fraternal order" because they want an easy way to material success. It's a haven for deadbeats. 

In their system, a Mason's first duty is to one of their "brothers." Thus, when one of them needs a job, he gets one regardless of his qualifications. He then must "perform" for his lofty status by trading in his honor, morals, etc and doing whatever is asked of him. If the task(s) is so done and is approved of, he gets his reward -usually the granting of a wish or desire within the the company. Anyone else working alongside the Mason ends up doing all his work. No support from management, no objections entertained. 

The Order always has several high ranking executives under their thumb and these weaklings-in-spirit protect the more feeble and easily controlled ones beneath them. 

It was my father who warned me about Masons. He said they were in all the utilities, board rooms and any institutions where decisions affecting a lot of people were made. Maybe that explains why our society, country and civilization is so screwed up."

The Simpsons too?

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