I am a victim of this crap by criminal scumbag masons, corrupt officials  and their braindead lackeys.

I am a victim of this crap by criminal scumbag masons, corrupt officials and their braindead lackeys.

My True Story

The Ladies Placard Reads.
Stop Police Targeting Us, False Past Entries On Data Base, Smear Campaigns. Which says it all.

The Ladies Placard Reads.
Stop Police Targeting Us, False Past Entries On Data Base, Smear Campaigns. Which says it all.

Because I was recently warned that naming the people behind my targeting is against the websites terms and conditions I have had to delete some of the content. It will be updated as soon as possible so please check back later. Thanks.


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Gangstalking is not new, but a rehash of the old Cointelpro program from the 60’s – 70’s. COINTELPRO ( syllabic abbreviation derived from Counter Intelligence Program ) (1956 – 1971) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic American political organisations.


Perhaps all you freemasons monitoring my website should take a look at this former mason and do the same thing. 

Updated 08/01/22

Everything written here is 100% true, I am not creative or imaginative enough to make up a story like this.

I first started this website around 2015 and have been updating it intermittently ever since, when ever I found new information and when time permitted. English was never my favourite subject at school and so writing copy does not come easy to me.

Because of this, my story has now, according to some, become rather long and garbled, and so this new first page will be a shortened, condensed clearer version of my story, hopefully anyway. All the old stuff is still here, it has just been pushed to the back a bit so anyone can still read it if they wish.

I have been persecuted by freemasons for well over fifteen years now. They won’t tell people it is a freemason vendetta though, they will have another plausible cover story. They will get people/the public on their side by telling them false stories about me, abhorrent things like I am a pervert, a criminal or that I have escaped justice in some way. Anything in fact to tarnish my good name and character, to make everyone shun me and go along with their persecution of me. They will tell people I am on a police watch list to make it look official. They will even get corrupt police to corroborate this making me look like Britain’s most wanted. They may even have placed false information on the police records, just like the ladies placard above says at the recent demonstration out side the BBC in London to protest about this illegal targeting.

A few years ago I applied for a private hire taxi license for which I needed a fully enhanced criminal record bureau check. It came back with just my very minor police record from many years ago showing that I was clear and suitable to obtain the taxi license.

They are practised liars, they are professionals, they are coached.

It is reported that 65/75% of their victims are women. Their main accusations about men are that they are some sort of perverts, pedofiles, rapists, into pornography criminals, druggies, escaped justice in some way etc. I have no idea what their accusations against me are. Whatever they are saying about anyone though, it is pure fantasy, malicious slander and the general public loves it. I am pretty sure that most of the ti’s on my fb friends list are genuine, but can only speak for myself when I say I have done nothing wrong. I am not a pervert, a criminal, nor have I escaped justice for something I am supposed to have done in the past, but how can I or anyone else ever prove this without someone coming forward and saying what it is I am supposed to have done and telling me who my accusers are. Only then will I be able to prove my innocence and bring these vile, disgusting scumbags to justice.

I have been targeted from about 2005, but it could have been before that as a lot of weird stuff had been occurring before then even.

It definitely took a turn for the worse after I had moved to Sidmouth in Devon around 2005.

I had moved from London to Guildford with my parents in 1973 when I was 19 and lived with them until about 1980 when I bought an old house of my own and started to renovate it. I was a bricklayer/builder and did this several more times during the next 25 years or so.

My girlfriend moved in with me and about 1989 we sold up and moved to Cranleigh.

After a year or so there moving to Esher and then Chilworth.

My girlfriend and I had now gone our separate ways and so in 2000 I decided to move to Devon for a complete change. I bought my first house there before moving once more before moving to Sidmouth around 2005.

I have mentioned all these addresses – about 8 - because I wanted to point out that at everyone of these I got on well with my neighbours and was always helpful, courteous and respectful to all of them. I even still get a Christmas card from one and sometimes bump into others occasionally too.

It therefore came as a complete shock to me that as soon as I moved in next door to Mr and his wife that they made it quite clear that they didn’t like me and had no intention of wanting to get along with me. I had no idea why?

I had seen the for sale sign and enquired about it, but was told that it was under offer, but they took my details just in case.

Some while later the agent called me to say it was back on the market, but that there was a problem with the roof and I probably wouldn’t get a mortgage on it.

I went to view it and found there was a small problem with the roof, but being a builder nothing that I couldn’t fix.

I made an offer and bought it at a knock down price.

Later I was to hear a rumour from my Solicitor that it was a relative of Mr, probably his son that had been forced to pull out of the initial purchase as he couldn’t get a mortgage on it due to the problem with the roof.

When I moved in Mr  told me right at the start that he didn’t like property developers and so he was the first neighbour in my life that I had never gotten on with, but absolutely nothing to do with me, I tried to be friendly.

He was the one with the attitude, with the problem and so it seems this is where my problems and this vendetta started.

His wife seemed ok though and we did speak occasionally and I remember showing her around the house when it was finished. I even gave her a picture of the Sidmouth seafront as a gift, that I had on my wall that she had remarked on.

He hardly ever spoke though. I have no idea why, I can only assume that it was because I had bought the property at a knock down price around £100k after it was initially priced nearer £135k and then I had put it on the market a little over a year later for around £200k and he probably felt jealous, gazumped or something.

But I had done absolutely nothing wrong.

Then, one frosty morning as I was walking to my car rubbing my hands together, he came out and said to me aggressively, ‘cold isn’t it?’ I said something like yes it is a bit chilly.

He then looked me in the eye threateningly and said, ‘It’s going to get a lot f**kin colder.’

Shocked and slightly distressed at this threat, I laughed and swore back and told him to f*ck off. I do of course regret this now.

It’s now obvious that this guy was a mason and maybe even ex old bill as well. Looking back now I think that him and his scummy masonic buddies then hatched some fictitious cock-and-bull story about me to take some sort of perverse and spitefull revenge on me and so he conspired with a Mr I think his name was, the father of a guy who I sold a house to.

That is how this vendetta/persecution has followed me back to Surrey and all the places that I have lived at for the last ten years or more and is being escalated and exaggerated all the time as more and more scumbag freemasons join in with their criminal slander campaign against me.

I then moved again to another place in Devon for a year or so, but it was remote so I didn’t really have any neighbours to speak of.

I then returned to Guildford and inexplicably after a short while the neighbours there began taking a dislike to me.

When I eventually moved back to Esher after a year or so (2009 – 2018) it was the same there.

At first I got on with my neighbours as I always had done, but one by one they started to shun me, just like when I was in Devon.

Then the immediate neighbours started making lots of noise and I started to find dents and scratches on my car. I also had two new windscreens due to cracks appearing out of the blue.

Then every few months I would find I had a flat tyre and discover a brass coloured screw in the tyre.

It must have happened 20 times over a year or so. I started reporting it every time it happened and still have the crime report numbers.

It was around this time, after a lot of research and investigations on my part that I was told that it was because of a masonic vendetta although I still did not understand why.

Anyway, I went to see an old friend who I had known for some 20 years and done a lot of work for over the years before I went to Devon, but he said he couldn't help me and also said he 'thought I deserved all I get'.

He never told me why, and we hardly ever spoke after that meeting.

I later heard from someone else that he had told them that, 'I was arrogant and needed taking down a peg or two'.

Me? Arrogant? I am probably the least arrogant person you could ever meet.

I'm shy and retiring if anything.

Shortly after that I found out that he too was a mason. I then found out that it's all part of the oaths they take to help a fellow scumbag’ mason no matter what.

Even if it means breaking the law or even if the person is innocent and the first mason just told a pack of lies, because he was such a snivelling, low life coward, with less guts than a slug and just wanted to hurt me.

So, first of all, they started spreading lies that I was a cowboy builder so not many people would employ me, trying to ruin my livelihood.

Then people around me started to find out about my very minor past criminal record – chapter 6 - all very petty stuff at football matches etc and also an altercation in a pub I had been involved in, but years ago when I was in my teens and early twenties.

Of course, now it has all been exaggerated and blown out of all proportion and I am being painted as Britain’s most wanted.

Their ultimate goal though according to many books is to paint you as some kind of pervert, a nonce, as then no one will then want to know you, and this is their cowardly goal.

And apparently from tip offs I have received this is what they are now trying to do to me, but it would be so easy to disprove as I don't look at smut, and my computer is here for anyone to look at anytime.

The following are out takes from several books and websites that I have used to corroborate some of my story.

Closing the Gap by GmB Barry and The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight

Some of the targets are selected for, being dissidents, activists, whistle-blowers, etc.


The unknowing person who just happens to upset that powerful person who is part of a powerful brotherhood, who has connections

... and that's it, that's why I am being smeared and targeted in this way, at the whim of someone I just happened to cross swords with,

a bully boy I stood up to, someone who has friends in high places that can pull a few strings, a scumbag, a lowlife, a gutless coward …

... freemasons. A scummy, low-life, gutless freekmason has set me up for this, nothing more than that, they're the liars, they're the psychopaths, they're the criminals, not me.

People are told never to say anything to the target as to why he is being targeted, so...

The target is never allowed to tell their side of the story or to clear their name, so you are in fact, guilty until proved innocent, no due process here. This one sided assessment can include false reports, lies, fabricated evidence and legitimate incidents where the target was set up.

Setting up the target could involve getting them arrested, set up on fake sexual harassment charges, drug charges, illegal pornographic materials, etc. page 147.

It is not very difficult to ruin a man. – page 144 - With their criminal expertise, know-how and corrupt, complicit police officers, they can set anyone up to be anything they say you are.

Actions by groups of freemasons have resulted in finacial or social ruin of people. page142.

People who have 'crossed' masons have finished up in prison. Page 143. masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges and plant evidence. Page 147.

And in their sick, warped minds, I crossed someone and so I must now be persecuted and punished, but I have no way of knowing what they say I did so no way to repudiate, or dispute it. Absolute scum!

masonry's nationwide organisation of men from most walks of life provides one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. A dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly. When major facts were known, areas of vulnerability become apparent. Financial difficulties, a vice, a mistress, visiting prostitutes or a minor criminal record, which could then so easily be exaggerated to make the victim into a major villain - from page 145.

Digging the dirt on someone, then exaggerating it out of all proportion. It's funny that where ever I go, even places where no one knows me, within a few days they all know about my few, very minor misdemeanours from my teens and early twenties. But of course now it has all been grossly exaggerated. Everyone has always known about this, I have never kept it a secret as it was just juvenile behaviour from my youth. None of it bothered anyone until a couple of years ago when these masonic scum started spreading it about and exaggerating it and making me out to be Britain's most wanted.

Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them. Most people, fighters or not are beaten in the end though. You finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought of as a crank, one of those nuts who thinks the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under. If they don’t give in its only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to them and the people around them, there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. ‘there is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.’ - from page 149 - The Brotherhood.

Of course these excerpts are just a sample of what the book has to say about this criminal cult, but is what is happening, not only to me, but many other innocent victims around the country today.

The general public are being used and are the foot soldiers of the masons, but the masons are only the foot soldiers of the security forces and the government.

The masons could not carry out this targeting of individuals without the full knowledge and cooperation of the government and security forces.

I have had many, many people contact me after reading my story telling me that it so resembles theirs.

A guy who had a fight with a freemasons son some 20 years ago who is still being targeted.

A couple of guys who were members of the ‘Fathers for Justice’ campaign.

A guy that sued the NHS.

An ex nurse that had problems with her employers, the NHS.

Several ex army guys because they were in dispute with the government.

Then there is the Jane Clifts story – chapter 5 -

Her details were circulated to an extraordinary range of public and private bodies, including doctors, dentists, pharmacies, opticians, hospitals, libraries, schools, contraceptive clinics, nurseries, dustmen, shops, banks, post offices, even the Church and friends and neighbours, etc.

Exactly what I get now! In fact the doctors and hospitals are particularly involved with many mix ups and letters and results going astray, wrong blood tests and botched treatment to name a few.

Someone recently said to me that they find it hard to believe that they would do all this to me over a silly disagreement with a neighbour.

Well, just have a look at the Jane Clift case. She was targetted just because she had an argument with a council worker and told her to 'drop dead'. Mrs Clift added: What is terrifying is that there is almost no proof required and no hearing to determine the truth of the allegation. It could happen to anybody who gets into even the most minor disagreement.

These are just a few, there are many more and many of them are in different groups on Facebook all with very similar stories to tell.

Most of the general public are oblivious to this, but there are also many that know what is going on, but turn a blind eye, not wanting to get involved because they are frightened it could happen to them. I have also been told several times recently that people are being told that the target has done something wrong and needs to be punished and so this is just a sort of corrective behaviour’ punishment.

Which is just not true

Welcome to 21st century Britain. It seems fascism was never defeated it just became the government under the new guise of socialism.

These people are not socialists, but fascists...

This story is 100% true. If anyone disputes this or has any evidence that it’s not, then show me. Come and speak to me, I do not bite. I’m really am a pussycat. Better still, tell me who is saying what about me and I will have no hesitation in suing these evil scumbags for defamation of character, slander, harassment and conspiracy and what ever else they are guilty of.


Not sure who’s quote that is now, but it’s true.

Not the only targeted individuals website, nor the best, but just one of many.

And of course, another reason they don't like me is that they don't like the truth getting out. They obviously know about this website and that is why they tell people not to look at it. One woman even told me she had been told not to look at it because it contained viruses. Just another lie of course.


This cryptic comment/veiled threat below was not written by me. It was not there last night so my website has obviously been hacked by these scum over night after I updated my story yesterday. They don't like the truth!

more than an unhealthy interest in us, and

This comment shows up their narcissistic, psychopathic personality disorder perfectly. These people turn things around and see themselves as the victim when it is them that are the persecutors. more than an unhealthy interest in us they say, when it is them that are showing more than an unhealthy interest in me and all their other victims. It's called projection.

...and if they can flagrantly and criminally write this on a password protected, private website, what else can they do, write or set me up for??? Scumbags!!!

Narcissists can not handle the truth about themselves. So they project it onto you. It’s amazing how when they are accusing you of things, many times they are actually describing themselves. Also Many narcissists, for example, are known to have accused their partners of cheating when they in fact, were the ones actually cheating. Listen to their projections sometimes its a window into their soul.

Taken from page 3, foreword;

Following someone around intentionally coughing at them or any other equally inane stunts to distress a person is harassment – and is illegal.

And is just so friggin innane childish and laughable :) sums up their cult to a tee. Good men better? Sad men sadder more like :) and they're even using their kids to do it now. Scum!!!

Spreading lies about someone with the intention of besmirching their good name is defamation and slander – and is illegal.

Snooping, listening to private phone calls, looking at private emails - is illegal.

Hacking/tampering with someones private computer to fraudulently criminalise or to set someone up - is illegal.

Conspiring to harass and slander someone – is also illegal.

Inciting others to harass someone is illegal too. And using your fekin kids is child abuse you morons.

Please check the facts before you get hoodwinked into becoming part of this illegal masonic vendetta against an innocent person.

More than 15 years they've been doing this to me.

You’re being lied to, manipulated and used.

Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that old concept?

I woke up to this masonic evil like this guy 

I woke up to this masonic evil like this guy

about right...

about right...

I am not responsible for the versions of me that exist in other peoples minds.

I am not responsible for the versions of me that exist in other peoples minds.

I am certain all these people don't love me so they must all be lying then.

I am certain all these people don't love me so they must all be lying then.

Not just USA either, but all countries especially UK

Not just USA either, but all countries especially UK

Definition of freemason; Ignorant, self righteous asshole, who thinks they're doing the right thing.

Definition of freemason; Ignorant, self righteous asshole, who thinks they're doing the right thing.

cowards the lot of them

cowards the lot of them