Chapter 9. Gang stalking


This is about targeting innocent people without any due process and subjecting them to painful and intrusive behavior modification technology... look at the list of groups fighting this and tell me that it isn't happening.


Freemasonry 302: There is no "Gang Stalking." There is only "Zersetzung."


Ex Gang Stalking Specialist Explains How the Program Works - Security Industry Specialists, Inc.


12 Sept 2021

When there's such slandering campaigns against Targeted Individuals, regardless of how small or universal they may be, for exposing these campaigns of organized stalking, electronic harassment, and character assassination, it's a clear indication of the existence of these programs, and when others participate public, it's also validation to its existence.

While many Targeted Individuals have been speaking out for decades, it's only in the past few years slandering and attacks on outspoken Targeted Individuals have intensified.

This could be due to false information relayed, slandering, inability to filter trusting resources, more threats, and the hard work by those at the top to silence us.

We do have a right to speak, to share our stories, and to defend our lives. We all do, in every situation against violence, hate, and evil intentions by governments.

What most fail to understand is that the root of this is white supremacy, and when you participate, you're supporting the very system many of us oppose and are trying to dismantle.

It's kind of heartbreaking to see innocent people recruited, and empathy is often felt. Then, there's some who find enjoyment in participating, and for those I have no respect, but wish no harm. Ever.

What many also fail to understand is that what they're doing to Targeted Individuals, the slandering, video recording, stalking, and monitoring, is also occurring in the lives of those, knowingly and unknowingly, participating, that perpetrators are also monitoring each other.

It's a vicious cycle of slandering and stalking happening. And, those supporting you would also turn on you in a flash.

By "you, " I mean all involved.

These programs were never meant to be exposed. But, they have been, and will continue to be.

If you've become recruited, without understanding what's happening, just don't participate. And, research these programs.

Everyone involved is being used to further these programs, the white supremacists at the top, for a very disturbing agenda, and part of that agenda is to divide humanity, to silence us Targeted Individuals who are working so hard to expose them.

When you stop working and participating for them, they will collapse.

Regardless of any amount of money, perks, endorsements, support or guarantees of safety and protection you are promised, it doesn't prevent you from also being a Targeted Individual, or your family.

And, regardless of how small or big the slandering, attacks, and stalking campaigns are against Targeted Individuals, it does not change the facts or evidence, the violence we all experience, nor the existence of these programs.

No insult, fear, or hate can silence us.

It just confirms who is participating and who we can trust.

And, trust, is never something we can all take lightly, or just give so easily.

Peace to all.

Respect to those who refuse to participate, empathy to those involved.

When an individual has been flagged and “watch-listed” as a domestic threat, rogue factions within the security forces will feed false information to the data fusion centres, in order to get innocent people targeted for surveillance and harassment civilian hirees, which include but are not limited to ex-cons, druggies, criminals, illegal immigrants, neighbours, store and restaurant owners/employees, etc. Neighbourhood watch groups also play a role in assisting with “monitoring” watch-listed individuals on a domestic basis.

Who is watch-listed?

If you have done something in the past like reporting someone or an agency for corruption or negligence, ie. a whistle-blower, if you were arrested for something minor, offended a highly-placed individual or a person with political affiliations, you too can be placed on a watch-list. Subsequently, your normal and legal activities will intentionally be misinterpreted and falsely portrayed in order to prove that you demonstrate a predisposition for criminal behaviour. Then the level of surveillance and harassment is increased depending on your “value,” and “potential threat level.”

Who else can be placed on a watch-list?

Activists, LGBT supporters, out-of-the-box thinkers, military veterans, retired law enforcement personnel with IED disposal experience, Greenpeace members, investigative journalists, academics, whistle-blowers, Pro-Lifers, Americans who are married to foreign-born individuals, Americans who have a bank account or property in a foreign country, firearm owners, and NRA members are all “potential domestic threats.”

This is not a finite list; individuals belonging to other “terrorist” groups not listed above may also be included. As time progresses, the list is getting longer and encompasses even more diverse actors.

Targeted individuals are never availed of due process. They were watch-listed extra-judicially, via a closed-door decision making process. Most “domestic terrorists” have not committed any crimes, or certainly any crimes worthy of their being targeted at the expense of tax-payers.

Most of those on watch-lists had no idea that since they were activists, whistle-blowers, military veterans,  or university students who once protested the poor treatment of Shamu the killer whale at Sea World, that they had participated in activities, or had occupations, which would result in them getting flagged as terrorists, along with Osama bin Laden.

Most people are unaware that they have been placed on a watch-list, which should not be confused with a “No-Fly” list. A “No-Fly” list is simply one of many watch-lists, which are in part categorized by threat-level.

And it needs to be noted that when the security forces watch-lists you (no legal hearing or proof needed of course) as a terrorist, they do not mention to the different law enforcement agencies or Data Fusion Centres, that all you did was raise a sign saying “Free Shamu.” Literally anyone can become suspect.

You see, when someone is red-flagged and watch-listed, those blurry lines work to the advantage of the aggressors who are ignoring the constitutional process, in order to target, harass, incarcerate, or extra-judicially eliminate innocent people.

So perhaps think twice before you raise a sign for Shamu the killer whale or protest for the rights of unborn babies.

If you belong to one (or several) of the groups above, then you, like me are considered a “potential national security threat.” Now you can kiss your constitutional rights good-bye, as well as the basic rights provided to human beings as designated by the Nuremberg Code, which the United Kingdom is a signatory to.

What follows is part of a story related to me by another target and of being watch-listed and targeted in foreign countries. This is a summary of what happened to them – with a few details changed in order to maintain their anonymity.


So the FBI has their eye on you because you fall in several of the aforementioned categories. Maybe you are (1) a military veteran or whistle-blower, (2) you married a Christian girl from Mozambique, which has a Muslim population, (3) you opened a bank account in Mozambique, (4) you traveled throughout Africa, and (5) you studied some Islamic-related topics as part of a Middle Eastern Studies Program for your university degree – which these days implies that you are a potential Muslim convert.


The FBI tells the government in Mozambique that you are on a watch-list in the United States as a “domestic terrorist” (i.e. – “terrorist”) and that you should be “heavily monitored,” which basically equates to being put under 24/7 surveillance and harassed by the security apparatus of the country you are visiting. And in many places, Americans are high-value targets without the extra attention. The FBI is well aware of this and uses this to their advantage.

The FBI will also create a false criminal background for you (the “terrorist”) in order to further alarm the foreign government. This in turn results in the security apparatus of the foreign government  increasing their level of monitoring and harassment of you, the extra-judiciously targeted “”potential domestic threat.”

With the help of local authorities, Americans in the employ of the U.S. federal government will also funnel your wife’s family and the police in the foreign country of your residence additional false information in order to stir up even more trouble.

Here are some of the narratives which I have seen deployed:

You are suspected of “kidnapping” or “human trafficking,” (even though you have never even been involved in anything even remotely like that).

When you were 21, fifteen to twenty years ago, you were arrested for the possession of a small amount of marijuana (a few joints). Guess what? You are now a known “drug trafficker” and “dealer.”

As a fifteen year-old, you were snagged shoplifting a small bag of Sweet Tarts by your mom at a local food store. Your pissed-off mother then marched you back into the store by your ear and made you return the stolen candy, after which you returned home to a hiding, grounding, and promises that both Satan and God had a special spot in hell reserved just for you.

Now as a thirty-five or forty year-old, the FBI, already knowing every detail of your background, has relayed to your wife’s family and foreign government, that you were the subject of “an armed robbery investigation” in your home town.

But they “fail” to mention that the situation occurred twenty years ago, your mother caught you, made you return the stolen bag of Sweet Tarts to the store, that there were no weapons involved (you left your florescent green squirt-gun at home that day), you were a stupid fifteen year old, and that the FBI and DHS knowingly got the story from a family member who has an axe to grind with you.

And by the way, if you are watch-listed, Homeland Security and the FBI will speak to anyone you had a legal dispute with, or anyone else who could possibly hold a grudge against you. Indeed, those are the type of people they seek out during the commencement phase of their sabotage campaign against individuals who they have labelled as “threats.” You sued your ex-business partner and won the case against him twenty years ago? Guess who they are going to speak to first…

As an added “bonus” these gangster-styled federal agents attempt to create turmoil in the “target’s” life, create tension, cause hardships, ruin relationships, destroy family ties, facilitate financial loss, etc. Their goal is to totally destroy the watch-listed individual.

Now let’s say you fly from Mozambique to Morocco, Italy, or the United Arab Emirates to visit a friend, start a business, or take a vacation. FBI employees already stationed in the country of your destination will be alerted to your impending arrival. They will then have you flagged in “Country B.” Let’s pretend that “Country B” is Italy.

They will inform the Italian government that you are a suspected “terrorist” in the United States, that you were born as a Christian, yet “showed interest in Islam” (but they will not mention that it was required as part of your curriculum), and that your wife’s family and the government of Mozambique are worried about your possible involvement in kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

And that aspect of the story is true, since it was US federal government employees who created the false narrative and then began to disseminate it to every person you associated with in Country A. So of course the government in Mozambique and your wife’s family is now worried, and even begins the divorce process.

US government employees will also monitor and intercept all of your phone calls, VOIP, SMS, and e-mails within the foreign countries you frequent in order to “harvest” all of your contacts. There are classified and dedicated operations which address that, in every country in which Americans are present.

Now what the FBI will not reveal to “Country B” is that they fabricated all of the information, and that they were the ones who caused the uproar by lying to the government of “Country A.” Now in “Country B (Italy),” they might add something additional and extra-juicy to the recipe in order for the targeted American’s harassment to escalate. The idea is to create a snowball effect and to keep the snowball rolling and growing.

Now God-forbid, this individual who was falsely targeted in the U.S., who is now set up for false arrest and extra-judicial detention (proxy detention) in both “Country A” and “Country B” by the FBI, travels to a “Country C” or “Country D.” In each new locale, the stories get bigger, the list of alleged “crimes” grows longer, and the FBI “kicks the hornets’ nest” even harder.

And then what the FBI does is re-directs or re-loops the growing misinformation stream to all of the foreign governments of the countries the target travels to. And they keep on recycling the misinformation until the level of alarm of the security apparatus in each of these countries grows exponentially, all compliments of their lies and fairy-tales.

FBI agents will contact the government of “Country A” and let them know that “the subject is also under investigation in “Countries B, C,” and “D.” They will do that for all of the involved countries, and even help law enforcement in each of those countries to network with each other, in order to trigger the illegal arrest and illegal detention of the targeted American, should he ever venture to any of those countries again.

These agents will facilitate the false arrest of Americans who have never committed a crime. This is called proxy detention, and in a third world country it can be a death sentence, and the FBI knows it. That is the goal: eliminate the terrorist, the target while maintaining a high level of plausible deniability. And let me tell you – from experience – they put a lot of effort into trying to pull it off.


If the FBI employees based in the foreign countries which the “watch-listed terrorist” travels to are feeling especially cheery, they may set up the American for a crime, entrapment, or assault. Local harassment and theft are standard operating procedure.

They will create scenarios to provoke the “terrorist,” facilitate a loss of his/her funds, reputation, life, health, and freedom. And guess what. The misinformation has also been conveyed to the State Department, so if you do end up in trouble, and call the embassy, you are already red-flagged on their databases, and are on your own.


If and when the American terrorist returns home intact (which really upsets them), the FBI will then feed the entire false narrative and bogus investigations (from Countries A to Z) to the Department of Homeland Security and also the Regional Data Fusion Centers.

While abroad, “Subject Q” was the “focus of terrorism investigations” in four countries. He/she was also suspected of/under investigation for: kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

Now, all of this misinformation appears as “red flags” on the networks which connect federal, state, county, and city law enforcements – via the Regional Data Fusion Centers. The more flags an individual has attached to his name, the more value he or she has, and the greater possible “threat level” they represent. If an individual simply protested Shamu the killer whale at Sea World five years ago and works as a cashier in a restaurant, the federal government will certainly not spend as much time, money and effort targeting them.

If an individual has a high level of education, military background, familiarity with weapons, travels to dangerous locales, etc., then they very quickly become a “higher-level” target. Which means more resources are spent and more assets are assigned to neutralize or eliminate them as a threat.

Most law enforcement officers at the city and county level have no idea that the FBI created the entire false narrative for the targeted “terrorist.” Compartmentalization is utilized in order to keep fusion center employees, comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement officers; plus some civilians with security clearance, out of the loop, which operates on a need-to-know basis.

Additionally, the false criminal history created by the FBI (parallel construction) can then illegally be used as “legal” cause to set up sting operations to entrap the target. A sting operation can only (legally) be set up if an individual has shown a predisposition for committing a certain type of crime.

So now the entire false narrative created by the FBI, and then “re-collected” from foreign authorities, provides the basis (predisposition) for unconstitutional entrapment operations which outwardly appear to be legal sting operations.

Domestic law enforcement personnel, in addition to local, state and federal prosecutors (should the “target” ever be arrested) have no idea that the FBI created the bogus criminal history for the “terrorist,” which now portrays him or her of being suspected of criminal acts in foreign countries. In addition to causing grief for the “domestic threat” at home, they have turned the US citizen into an internationally-wanted target as a result of their parallel construction, lies and sophomoric fairy-tales.

Now the US citizen is put on additional “domestic tasking lists.” With the assistance of the FBI and Homeland Security, private security contractors, utilize civilian hirees to harass the domestic “extremist.”

The federal authorities will provide medical records, financial information and academic records to these non-governmental security contractors, as well as domestic law enforcement personnel. Much of this personal identifying information (PII), which is supposed to be protected by the Privacy Act, is also available on data fusion center networks, which are tied in to dozens of law enforcement databases, all the way up to the federal level.

While the aforementioned scenario spanned foreign countries, this type of situation can also happen domestically. “Country A” and “Country B” can just as easily be “City A” and “City B;” both within the United States.

Personnel working for the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security will create the false narratives, the fantastic stories and absurd fairy tales, “feed” them to different recipients, be they different law enforcement groups in cities in the United States, or to foreign governments, and then they help the false narrative to “snowball” and spin out of control. The bigger the snowball and more absurd the stories become, the better.

Federally-funded private security contractors and their thuggish, street-level hirees will harass the watch-listed individual with acts such as vandalism, theft, cyber-harassment, provocations in public locations, pet poisonings, and defamation of character with family, friends and co-workers.

While it is difficult to pin down who is involved in the cyber-harassment, the most likely culprits are the regional data fusion centers, the FBI’s Data Interception Technology Unit (DITU), and several privately-owned cyber-companies based here in the U.S. which produce and deploy “weaponized” software and technologies.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security, which is actually represented at both federal and county levels, dispatches personnel to inform the watch-listed individual’s familiars that that he or she “poses a grave threat to the community” and “should be monitored.”

Familiars include professors, faculty and students should the watch-listed individual go to school, co-workers, family members, friends and landlords. DHS personnel or private security contractor hirees will also go to the commercial locations the individual frequents: gyms, restaurants, stores, clubs, salons, and barber shops.

In some cases Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or National Security Letters (NSLs) are flashed in order to “impress” upon the target’s familiars the “urgency” of the situation in regards to national security.

Security forces will also financially compensate neighbours, friends, landlords and co-workers for their “assistance” in monitoring domestic “terrorists.” It is a huge business, which is funded by the sleeping taxpayers.

In order to maximize trauma to the “target,” who in reality is a victim of outrageous government conduct, the governmentally-affiliated parties involved will also relay to all of the watch-listed individual’s contacts, that he or she is mentally unstable, delusional, involved in pedophilia, child pornography, bestiality, rape, sexual deviancy, is a homosexual, has a history of violence, or has committed a crime of moral turpitude.

This defamation of character is an integral aspect of their tactical operations, which is referred to as “Zersetzung” (social decomposition), and was developed by the former East German Stasi. The goal is to totally destroy the person’s reputation, relationships, family and income-stream. This is also known as “No-touch torture or Soft-kill.”

The specific narrative (i.e. – defamation of character) is based on the information recipients. If the target’s neighbours have children, then he or she is falsely labelled as a pedophile. If the target works at a bank, then he or she is falsely accused of having a history of theft, and all of the target’s co-workers will be informed. The false narrative which the security forces create is tailor-made and adjusted to each recipient based on the situation and context.

These Stasi-styled operations are geared to silently isolate and destroy individuals who have been “red-flagged” and “black-listed” for being potential “domestic extremists” or “domestic terrorists.” What has been described above is illegal, is a RICO statute violation, is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, is considered cruel and unusual punishment, and is representative of outrageous government conduct.

Unfortunately these tactics are common tools which are employed by certain groups within the security forces against innocent citizens, and these activities – which amount to a counter-intelligence operation, are now much more commonplace than people assume.

In the 1970s, the Church Committee held hearings which publicized the FBI’s counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO), which was supposed to have been terminated. Apparently, once again certain factions within the federal government have launched another classified program which is targeting innocent Americans and is also being used in the UK and many other western countries today.

50 Years On, One of The Most Controversial Psych Experiments Gets The Same Creepy Results

"The purpose of this specific article is to describe the link between the abuse of targeted individuals and various community organisations, specifically the Freemasons. Many targeted individuals are so confused and disoriented by the array of psychological tactics being used against them, they often rationalise the abuse strictly as a Freemason attempt at implementing a New World Order. The conspiracy-minded individuals among us believe it is an attempt by a secret society of social elites to control the masses. My theory is slightly different.

I believe community organisations, such as the Freemasons, are nothing more than front line harassers used in an attempt to shield the police from obvious exposure during their many acts of harrasment and violations of individual rights. I've heard the Freemasons have a saying that "we're not the cops, we help the cops". And I'll explain how they are used for that purpose.

When an individual is targeted they are subjected to a constant "negative environment" campaign which has been given the name "Organised Stalking". Everywhere a targeted individual goes in public they are tracked and surrounded by angry, hostile participants. All the time, everywhere they go, 24/7/365. If this type of activity was perpetrated solely by law enforcement personnel, it would be rather easy with the use of a video camera to prove a case of extreme law enforcement harrassment. Rather than being constantly surrounded and violated by members of the police, community organizations such as the Freemasons are deployed on the front line. Being a member of a "secret society", nobody (besides federal law enforcement and fellow Freemasons) knows who is and is not a member ... "

You're one of the destroyed people at the hands of the freemasons called a Targeted Individual. Destroyed by the power and greed of the criminal organisation known as the freemasons. They run the drug trafficking around the world, controlling the drugs Mafia through their Masons Lodges. Manipulating the justice system and the security services such as MI5, MI6 the National Crime Agency and all local police. Stealing talented peoples businesses and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

Help the TIA to bring the Masons and their helpers to justice and bring an end to Freemason Gang Stalking, with their use of the British Drug Mafia and Mafias around the world. Using local drug dealers and criminals along with the security services NSA, CIA, MI5, MI6, the NCA (National Crime Agency) and local law enforcement to help them ring-fence anyone in opposition to them. Its the same in all countries. 

The Masons are the only true organised crime family on Earth!
Its time for them to GO! Its time to take back our lives & Get Paid For It!

Gang Stalking Exposed by Police: Hundreds Arrested for Spying on Unemployed Woman

A gang stalking operation in Seattle has been shut down by police after video of the group’s harassment was uploaded to Youtube. The stalkers targeted Michelle Rogers, a former gas station attendant who has been followed by hundreds of people since she criticized a law enforcement officer in 2006.

“People thought I was crazy for thinking everyone was out to get me, but this proves I was right,” Rogers told a reporter. “Half the people in my area were involved, from the garbage man to the high school track team.”


Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions:

stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents are picked off the street. There is no getting away from the stalkers and no getting away from the unusual technology that is used to take over someone’s life.

“For the first couple of months,” says June, “I thought it was a sick game. Now that I’ve been tormented for years, well, it’s clear that organized stalking is a sophisticated crime that follows a step-by-step process to leave the victim as bare and isolated as the dead tree on the cover. He or she may still be standing, but that’s about it.

“I’ll sum it up this way. Veiled intimidation ensures that targeted individuals are viewed by the public as free people, which they are not. They are playthings to their controllers. Hostages in plain sight. Victims are quite literally owned yet have limited chance of rescue because their desperate circumstances are misunderstood.

Some die from the violence. Some die from suicide. And the rest merely exist.”

Organized stalking is worldwide and is called gang stalking in some areas. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert harassment.

Your typical gang-stalker is bound by, and enslaved to, because of the peculiarity of what gang-stalking is, a particularly nasty psychological phenomenon that the psychologist Irving L Janis called “Groupthink”.
The gang-stalker craves to be part of the group above any normal common-sense because they stupidly deem it to possess a certain superiority, a sort of invincibility, which in reality is just illusion. Ideally your weak-minded gang-stalker feels a certain civic invulnerability through their membership of this anti-social group. Like any totalitarian collective procedure or means of control, it is important that the individual involved suppresses all alternative viewpoints or critical evaluation, concerning the criminal activity the group is involved in. The hopelessly extreme desire to conform to, and be harmonious within the group, is only satisfied by their nonsensical participation in completely brainless activities with innocent members of the public. It is all of it, pathetically irrational.

it's still hard to believe it's real...even as a victim...people really plan their day around when I'm going to the store? People *really* move in to my neighbourhood to harass and torture me with this smear campaign? It can't be...but it is..

Online Book, regarding gangstalking: No Ordinary stalking

Here's the fact about being a Targeted Individual:

A large percentage of the people around you are secret society members, so pretty much everyone you encounter knows you are not secret society, thus they are obligated by oath to sabotage you any way they can. Many times their attacks are organized plots, but sometimes it's just an individual secret society scum bag attacking you at random.

This is about how I have been put on some sort of blacklist because of some masonic vendetta. No one will ever mention freemasons though as people are told that their lies about me are true as they come from the police and other powers that be. The police and other corrupt agencies.

Stalkers find it easier to inflict pain on innocent targets when the act of inflicting pain is fragmented amoung many people and done at a greater distance. This is the means by which persecution, genocide and holocausts can occur. People generally don't like inflicting pain but do enjoy the satisfaction of pleasing those in authority for their service.

I believe TI's need to constantly remind themselves that it is those in authority who are the real threat not the dumb stalkers carrying out their stupid orders. Gang stalkers are just a load of annoying and ignorant nobodies at the bottom of the ladder. Best not to let them get to you too much if you can help it.


The "gang stalking" moniker trivializes what is an extensive, multi-level government campaign of extrajudicial targeting and punishment that victims say extends into Canada, the United Kingdom and other industrialized nations.

The "targets" are not limited to "terrorists" or drug traffickers. They include individuals who have been labeled by persons in positions of authority as "dissidents," "radicals," "whistle-blowers" or undesirables, perhaps due to their lifestyles, their ethnic heritage, or their religious or political beliefs. Many find themselves slandered and unjustly accused of wrongdoing (but, notably, not charged with any violation of the law). Journalists are among targeted classes; but many don’t realize they are subject to pervasive surveillance, physical harassment and career sabotage until they are already ruined, professionally and personally.

These targeted persons — and their families — are subject to relentless harassment, including surreptitious entry into their homes and vandalism of their property, with surveillance data about their whereabouts and personal daily routines funneled to "community stalkers" who are recruited under the cover of government-funded community policing, town watch, and business-related anti-terrorism programs. The operations of these civilian vigilantes are supervised by agents of government, ranging from local police personnel to federal intelligence and security agents under whose direction these programs have been institutionalized.




Never Confuse The Truth With The Opinion Of The Majority.

Truth Is The Truth Even If No One Believes It.

A Lie Is A Lie Even If Everyone Believes It.

In the places that I tend to frequent these days, very few people know me, but I recognise the looks I get, they have become very familiar. So I know I am being talked about, but anything derogatory that is being said about me in these places, is nothing more than rumour and false stories being spread by people with a hidden agenda who are following me around.

So, anything derogatory you may have heard about me, is lies.

Whatever you've heard, it's lies.

Whoever told you, they're liars.

No matter if any evidence was shown to you, it's false.

What I am, is the innocent victim of a well - orchestrated smear campaign, being perpetrated by some very corrupt and very disturbed people………… freemasons.

All I am, is the innocent victim of a masonic vendetta right out of Stephen Knight’s exposé, The Brotherhood. I'm followed around – stalked - and slandered and harassed wherever I go.

So, if you’re told to shun me, harass me or any other inane stunts, or hear any stories about me, perhaps come and tell me who, and what is being said about me so that I might sue these disgusting people for defamation and slander, or perhaps just tell them to come say it to my face.

What sort of disgusting, low-life people try to ruin the reputation of an innocent person? Psychopaths? Normal people don't do this.

The people conducting this smear campaign are the real criminals. Normally good people believing the lies are their victims too. This has been happening to me on and off for some 10 years now. I know mud tends to stick, so these cretins have a bit of a head start on me. That is why I have recently set up this website, in a belated attempt to give my side of the story - THE TRUE SIDE - and let people know what is really happening and what these moronic masonic freaks are really like.

Of course the scummy people doing this to me are very convincing, they have to be because what they are doing to me - slander, defamation, harassment, conspiracy, vandalism etc -  are illegal and they will be in very serious trouble when caught. I can't put it much more plainer, simpler and honest than that. 

...''They then set their smear and slander campaign in motion, defaming, denigrating and the character assassination of their target to all those close to him or her.

Masonic police can harass and spread false and exagerated stories about targets, arrest them on false charges and plant evidence. People that have ’crossed’ masons have ended up in prison.

At the end of the line a person can be set up, falsely accused and arrested for dealing in child pornography, for indecent exposure or trafficking drugs etc, etc, and will be ruined and at the very least will never work again. 

If you’re a businessman they can easily ruin it for you. If you are an employee, they can fix it so that you are fired and then make it impossible to find any work again.''

Excerpt from Stephen Knights exposé, The Brotherhood.

I'm not sure if this is what they are saying about me, but it will be something along these lines, something to turn most people against me, something abhorrent and reputation destroying, BUT UTTER LIES!

It's amazing how many people have asked me lately, ''are you sure it's the masons doing it to you?'' or, ''how do you know it's the masons?'' or, ''but you must have done something to deserve it.'' To me that implies that they know something is being said about me, but the masons have told them another story, whereby the masons are not behind it or that I somehow 'deserve it.'

I must be getting to them ;) probably get another slashed car tyre soon... 25/03/17

Well it's only taken them a month, as today 23/04/17 I have just received another puncture. Same as before, a brass posidrive screw done while I was asleep. Must be about 12 now.To me, this only goes to prove that everything derogatory that they are saying about me is untrue. For if it was true they would come and say it to my face, not behind my back as they would have 'right' on their side. But by skulking around in the dark, cowardly behind my back carrying out cowardly criminal acts only proves that they don't have a valid argument against me, just an illegal vendetta being orchestrated by some sad, low-life coward that doesn't even have the courage of a worm, and hides behind his equally sad, scumbag masonic mates. You WANKERS!!!

Smear campaigns have now gone hi-tech and are being conducted on a ‘’scientific basis’’ - COINTELPRO - by masons and other subversive groups against certain individuals they deem to be their enemies.

Hi. My name is Graham Whiffin, thank you for visiting my site.

Firstly, sorry to blow my own trumpet as I know self praise is no praise at all, but.....

Despite any slanderous rumours to the contrary, I am a nice, quiet, laid-back type of guy.

I keep myself to myself and don’t bother anyone.

I’m kind, honest, considerate and helpful, and have many longstanding friends that would confirm this.

Perhaps a little weird too, but unusual weird not nasty weird. Certainly not a pervert or criminal.

I am also the victim of a vendetta. A masonic smear and slander campaign being conducted against me, just because I happened to cross swords with the wrong person/people a while back, nothing more than that.

I realise that there are some very sad people out there that just like to gossip and delight in bad mouthing people, whether the story is true or not. This website has been set up for the majority of people that are not gossipmongers and who do care if an innocent person is being maligned, slandered and defamed, cowardly behind his back.

I know my story is going to sound far-fetched to a lot of people, but I can assure you that it is 100% true and all I am asking for is a chance to prove it.

Everyone is supposedly innocent until proved guilty. Rumour, tittle-tattle and gossip are not proof,  no matter who is saying it. Give me the evidence I need to take these cretins to court, then we will see who is telling the truth. Everyone has a right to confront their accusers, especially when they are scummy, lying cowards, speading slanderous stories behind peoples backs. We're heading down the road to fascism if not, which is exactly what masonry is.

I'm not a criminal or pervert nor any other disgusting lies that are being spread about me.

What I am, is a victim of a masonic vendetta, a smear campaign being orchestrated by a bunch of freemason scumbags that are passing themselves off as decent human beings.

But nothing could be further from the truth, as they are no more than crooks, criminals, and shysters, wolves in sheeps clothing that fool most of the people most of the time, but not me.

''The first lesson that a freemason must learn is ~ how to lie until it becomes natural, a freemason is the most untrustworthy person you'll ever have the misfortune to meet.''

After being gangstalked, slandered, harassed, persecuted, shunned and had various property continually vandalised for several years. I can say with 100% surety, without any doubt what so ever that freemason scum are behind it. A masonic vendetta right out of Stephen Knight’s exposé The Brotherhood.

Anyone can be blacklisted by these scum - or 'the white glove treatment' as they call it - for whatever trivial reason. The public will never be told the real reasons or that it is even masonic retibution, or the masons are behind it. It will all be hidden under a pack of lies. 'masonry will never be mentioned.'

There are many methods these freakmasons use to slander a target, but one of the more common method’s is this. The targeted individual’s friends, neighbours and acquaintances are first 'softened up'. The target is first portrayed as a liar, a rumour spreader, a gossip or someone who tells stories and not to be relied upon or trusted. They might say he's been talking about them behind their backs - Pot, kettle, black springs to mind. This will be carried out by several of these masonic con-men, most likely people of high standing in the community so that they are easily believed. Then when ever the victim discusses anything with anyone, even if they are telling the whole truth, it appears as if it is they, who are the ones telling the false stories. So then, at such time the victim gets an inkling about what is happening or what is being said about him or her (which can be many months later) the damage is already done, and so whatever the victim now says to try to exonerate himself, is totally disbelieved. They also add some little bits of truth to their slanderous campaign just to give it more credence and add to the believability of their lies.  

...and then she understood the devilish cunning of the enemies plan. By mixing a little truth with it they had made their lie far stronger. - C.S Lewis. The Last Battle. 

In my case, they know about my few, very minor little brushes with the law when I was very much younger - mainly drunk and disorderly, see ch2 part2- so then they just exaggerate this tenfold so they then make me out to be public enemy number one,  'Britain’s most wanted'. Once they have done this it then becomes very easy for them to step up their campaign and to defame and denigrate their victims even further, saying things like he’s a drug dealer/user, violent, wife beater, pervert, etc, etc. Until he or she is totally friendless and isolated, which has been their goal all along. Their ultimate goal is for any male victim to be labelled a paedophile as then no one will want to know him. This information is totally true and can easily be verified by reading any of the many books or websites about these corrupt, criminal lowlifes, that pass themselves off as decent, upstanding people. I also know it is totally true because it is what is happening to me, and has been for several years now. The problem I and many other victims have is getting our stories out there and of course getting people to believe us. Many of these freakmasons are in positions of power, from MP’s and judges, solicitors the police and so on, that it makes it very difficult, near impossible because of their network of contacts. Also masonry will never be mentioned, they will have some other plausable story to keep the 'good name' of masonry out of it. And so another ploy is to use women to spread these slanderous lies, so making the victims claims that it is the masons behind it even more unbelievable. They will be friends or family of a mason, or just some of their many lackey's. These 'masonic whores' will be told that the target is a wife beater or rapist and so then, they will readily believe what they are spreading about their innocent victim is true which makes it easier to convince others. Now, because no one ever says anything to my face, I don't know if this is exactly what they are saying about me, but it will be something along these lines.

Slander, harassment and conspiracy to harass are illegal and are very serious offences. Anyone convicted could be looking at a custodial sentence. This is the reason why these disgusting cretins use other people to do their dirty work and don't want anyone to say anything to my face, scummy cowards, the lot of them... but I am not a quitter nor a sh*tter and will never kowtow to these, or any other bunch of lowlifes.

So mote it be 

Not telling me something or deliberately hiding something from me is just the same as lying and makes you complicit and part of the problem.

Don't you think that scummy, lying cowards, skulking around gutlessly behind someone's back, making false accusations and spreading defamatory, slanderous stories about them should have the courage to say it to the persons face? 

.....but of course, that's not how cowards opperate and If they did that, it's game over.       As I could then so easily prove just how hollow and false their accusations really are.

So perhaps before believing any of their slanderous crap, first ask to see any proof to the validity of their claims. I can assure you there won't be any, and if there is, it will undoubtedly have been fabricated.

I mean, if it's true why not say it to my face? Why all the secrecy? Why not give me a chance to counter their claims? Can't people see that they are being lied to and used and that I am being/have been set up?  Slandering someone intentionally is a criminal offence, so too is harassment and conspiracy to harass. No wonder these freaks don't want to say anything to my face and use other people to do their dirty work. SO JUST TELL THEM TO COME AND SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!

masonic Nonces!... Is this why I'm being targeted?

My life changed after I posted this link on my Freedom from freemasonry Facebook page.

Ch4 News: UK Paedophile Ring Are Mostly freemasons

this one too

so what we have is a bunch of nonces going around accusing everyone else of being nonces just to deflect from their own dirty little secrets? - bit like revenge porn - and people are revering, believing and taking orders from this bunch of kiddie what does that make them?

and then they always step up their 'attacks' each time I post more insights into this demonic cult. Attacks meaning, more slander and inane stunts. These people are sick, psychopathic freaks and beyond contempt.

... and a couple of veiled threats now as well. 'be very careful, there are a lot of nasty people out there.' and from a masonic ex-para in Wales, 'you are very easy to find and we were taught to wipe out retards.' -  I'd best be cautious then? So mote it be.

If  you don't know anything about scummy freemason liars, masonic vendettas and retribution, their curses and oaths and how they get away with their crimes using corrupt masonic police and other officials. Then I suggest you find out before believing any of the disgusting, slanderous, poisonous sh*t that they spread about innocent people. You could so easily be next.

Freemasons are nothing more than smarmy, two-faced, scummy, lying cowards, masquerading as decent, upright people. They twist things around to make it seem that it is their victim that is the liar. They are expert at this, as they have had many years of practice, slandering and denigrating innocent people that may have just happened to cross swords with one of these scummy low-lifes.

These people are not stupid though. They are very clever and conniving and very, very convincing..... and of course, freemasonry will never be mentioned, so please, please don't believe any of their disgusting claims as I can assure you they are all lies. I can also assure you that I am far too strong for these scum and I will never kowtow to them and I will also keep on posting the truth about these pathetic lowlifes. so mote it be.

They also know about and have seen this website, in fact I want them to, but without doubt they have now contrived more lies to counter my claims.

This is my own story and experiences with many similarities to those detailed in

‘The Brotherhood’. Stephen Knights exposé of the secret, corrupt world of the freemasons.

...and then she understood the devilish cunning of the enemies plan. By mixing a little truth with it they had made their lie far stronger. - C.S Lewis. The Last Battle.

So their goal is to make their victims life as intolerable as possible without bringing too much noticeable attention to themselves. They do this by contriving lots of small, little irritations, aggravations on a daily basis, so that in the end it grinds most people down.  A sort of, death by a thousand cuts - in reality, it's psyops, but in their demented, demonic little world it's a curse, that's right, they actually put curses on people. How sad and sick is that?

They might follow you around for days, weeks on end coughing/nose blowing at, or near you. They will make loud noises outside your bedroom to constantly wake you up at night. They will damage your property/vehicle, scratches, dents, windscreens, tyres etc. They will tell people where you frequent that you are a criminal, making people shun you and be rude to you. Plus many, many other little inane stunts that make it impossible to complain about without being labelled paranoid.

Because of their contacts in big organisations, the police, NHS, doctors, hospitals, banks, post office/royal mail, telephone companies, council, etc, etc. they can make situations difficult for you here too. Hospital appointments not sent/late/cancelled/mix ups/kept waiting, police harassment or disinterested in your plight, constant telephone/broadband problems, banking problems, mail going missing, difficulty getting work or benefits, etc, etc. You don't believe me? See Jane Clifts story, chapter 4.

After being gangstalked, slandered, harassed, persecuted, shunned and had various property continually vandalised for several years. I can say with 100% surety, without any doubt what so ever that freemason scum are behind it. A masonic vendetta right out of Stephen Knight’s expose.

Since this masonic vendetta against me started, several people, masons and non-masons have told me that most masons are good, honest, upstanding people. Also that some are just a little naive, and that it is just a small percentage of them that are corrupt, mainly those at the top. 

So could my persecution be just a few corrupt masons abusing ‘the craft’ for their own ends?

Well, no! that’s not what it is at all.

Their whole ethos is built on secrecy and lies, so when you start to delve into them, their rituals, their oaths, curses etc. you find that they really are nothing more than an evil, demonic cult that should be destined for the dustbin of history. Liars, cheats and users. Morally and ethically bereft.

They will tell people anything necessary to further their cause. They even lie to each other, from the top to the bottom.

Standards have definitely been falling for years though. Many men of dubious morals attracted by the secrecy and power have joined. The numbers of people who might never previously have been considered for membership are getting larger all the time.

They are in fact, just the mafia by any other name, but with this facade of charitable respectability. 

There are many freemasons in this country, that are very powerful people, so if you unwittingly or even wittingly become an enemy of them, there will be some kind of reprisals to be feared.

Not so much violence or anything like that, but something much more subtle - defamation.

Masonry’s nationwide organization of men from all walks of life provides one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable, so that anything can be found out, and used against anyone.

They then set their smear and slander campaign in motion, defaming, denigrating and the character assassination of their target to all those close to him or her.

Masonic police can harass and spread false and exagerated stories about targets, arrest them on false charges and plant evidence. People that have ’crossed’ masons have ended up in prison.

At the end of the line a person can be arrested for dealing in child pornography, for indecent exposure or trafficking drugs etc, and will be ruined and at the very least will never work again. 

If you’re a businessman they can easily ruin it for you. If you are an employee, they can fix it so that you are fired and then make it impossible to find any work again.

Exactly what they are doing to me - and very similar to Jane Clift's story, chapter 4.

I myself have met or spoken to at least several dozen other victims of these people, all telling similar stories, but there are hundreds if not thousands more.

If you try to tell your story to friends, neighbours, work colleagues, the police, newspapers etc    Because you have little or no evidence to support your claims you are then labelled delusional, a nutter, a conspiracy theorist etc. 

There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exist.

Most of this may seem far fetched and extreme, but believe me, everything said here is 100% true, as this is exactly what has been happening to me for some 10 years now.

If you don't believe me there is one sure fire way to prove who is telling the truth.

Just tell me who is saying what about me and I will have no hesitation in suing these disgusting cretins for defamation and slander.

Of course they will have already thought of an answer to this and will probably have some very plausible explanation as to why you shouldn't say anything to me. So it's your choice....

These are just a few of the messages I have received recently through my ‘freedom from freemasony’ Facebook page and website  Of course it doesn’t prove what I am saying is true, but it shows that there are other innocent victims of these vile masonic thugs and corrupt officials out there. Just like in the masonic expose, The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight.


Hi Graham, I understand you are a victim of Masonic harassment. So am I. I also live in London. It would be great if you could accept my fb request.

Hi Graham, thanks for your reply. I am an ex-employee of Freemasons Hall working under charity capacity. During the two years there I began being targeted and stalked, it’s disgusting. During this time I also applied for several govt jobs to no avail. I am being tortured daily.

I plan to write to Great Queen Street about this. How about you?

Okay thanks. Yeah, psychopaths is a 'light' term for it haha

‘from a respectable young woman in her early 20’s’


It's good to speak to other people who've had similar experiences, as it proves there's a pattern to all this and they use the same old dirty tactics on everyone. I too think that it's important to name them and bring it out in to the open. I've managed to persuade my husband to talk about the masonic influence and persecution at his hearing into bullying, harrasment and racism, which is due to take place in March (It's been delayed now until march, due to some very suspicious circumstances, which I'll explain later). They are not going to like him speaking about it at an employment hearing, but they'll have to suck it up, as it's the truth and he's entitled to speak out. I'll get back to you soon.x

‘from a respectable Christian woman’


I can relate to everything you've said mate, the police have played a huge part in my targeting, someone in power has got to start looking into what's happening to people like us these freemasons seem to think they can get away with this BS and the problem seems to be getting worse!!, more and more UK TIs are breaking silence on what's happening to them so how much longer are the powers that be going to keep turning a blind eye to this vile victimisation on innocent honest good people!!.

‘from a respectable guy that just happened to have an altercation with a freemasons son some 20 years ago.’

I have spoken to an ex-mason, born again Christian who said to me, ‘that it never ceases to amaze him at the lengths some masons will go to discredit good, honest people.

Another Christian told me that he was being persecuted by them because of his religion and that he had a friend that had his lucrative hairdressing business ruined by them.

A lady who had divorced one of them was now also getting slandered, harassed and persecuted by them.

Another lady had a nice little ebay business ruined as well.

Another guy that now finds it near impossible to find work because of them.

An article in ‘Voice of Hope’ magazine about a guy shunned at church because of them.

A Scottish guy that has been a victim of them most of his adult life.

The well documented Jane Clift story plus dozens of other victims, all telling similar stories on my facebook page.

Sozo Ministries International also has several, ‘Freedom from Freemasonry’ conferences each year – one of which I attended last year. There were 100+ people there all with nasty masonic stories to tell.

Why would there be a need for Sozo and conferences like these if freemasonry was such an upstanding, above board, fellowship that it tries to make itself out to be? These people are sick psychopaths masquerading as decent upstanding people.


Hi Graham
My name is ********** *******, ****** ***** sent me your email. I am an ex freemason but am now a practicing born again Christian. I was in the masons for many years and have dealt with many Masonic problems in the years since I left. Nothing will surprise me at the depths to which masons will plumb to discredit honest people.
If u can send me an email to my email address just outlining some of the issues and then maybe we can see what we can do to help u. Maybe could ring u at a later date if that's ok

God bless


Hi Graham


Thanks for your email. Sorry I have not had a chance to reply but I have had to take on a full time job since we last spoke so am not in full time ministry anymore. I still pastor part time. I would like time to pray into this email to see what God says about this. Just to reassure you I am not mason anymore neither will I be. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some masons will go to discredit good honest people.  Like you I have had slander against me and I deal with it this way. Jesus said in Matthew 5:12 blessed are they who are persecuted when they say false things about them for they shall see God. As Christians we have to bless those who lie about us and forgive them and when we do that we move on with God


I will email you when I have prayed further into this Graham and stick with God and the church and let these foolish people move on

God bless Pastor…


....and I do try to forgive them most of the time, but I’m only human so it’s hard sometimes. I also try to remember that the members of the public being used to further the masonic vendetta against me are victims of them too.

Why do people become freemasons?

In my opinion it is because they are the type of people that want something for nothing. People that don’t care who they screw over to get on in life. People that are inept and inadequate, both socially and morally, freaks.

Shysters, people that don’t mind bending or breaking a few rules, who believe that they are better than others and so are more deserving. It’s a bit like favouritism, nepotism or insider trading. Getting an unfair advantage over everyone else.

Basically, psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths, cowards, fuckwits, dickwads, fucktards, scumbags the lowest of the low, 

The Deceivers; Making Sad Men Sadder, Turning Good Men Bad. masons Are Masters Of Nothing But Deceit.

You Can’t Be Secret Society And Christian.

The Bible is just one book of many that masons can swear on. It is considered equal to the Koran, religious texts from the Hindu, Buddhist religions (and others) can also be used.

The Lord God, Jesus Christ Himself, has forbidden oaths, and he hates sin. And yet masonry is nothing but oath after oath of vileness, sin and slander.

It might be true that masons believe in ‘’one god’’. However, it is the god of all religions, and particularly of the early pagan mystery religions. (You can see it in the symbols if you have the education or knowledge of what they were.)

Even if you just look at it logically, one could easily see that this is a lie, as these different faiths have directly conflicting beliefs. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT THE GOD OF CHRISTIANITY, and it is blasphemy to equate the Lord Jesus Christ with ‘’gods’’ of other religions and call him just another light.

Do not be mistaken; God is not mocked - masons repent. I know that when you lie, it is because you are behaving like your father, the Father of Lies.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

So how can so called Christians reconcile themselves with the harassment and persecution of an innocent person on the basis of no more than gossip and tittle tattle? Even if the gossip were true, which it isn't, aren't Christians supposed to be loving and forgiving? The sad thing is though, they are being used and lied to by some very corrupt people, and the gossip and tittle tattle is no more than a slanderous smear campaign being carried out by corrupt freemasons and their lackeys as part of some sort of masonic vendetta. But what gets me is, why do they all fall for it and go along with it so easily? Brainwashed?


This is such an interesting and surprisingly honest programme and it highlights the importance of spiritual discernment. There are always two sides to every story. It's interesting to me that this Christian TV channel has been the ONLY channel on the Christian platform to have exposed Freemasonry several times and is also now the ONLY channel to have been investigated by the Charity Commission for misappropriation of funds (which was not upheld) and hounded to the extent that it has! There is definitely a correlation here! It shows how easily people (often Freemasons/Luciferians) can infiltrate the Christian church/media, conspire to bring others down and "deceive even the elect"! Story of my life for the last six years.😜


last updated 26/04/17

I'm not a criminal, I'm not violent, I'm not a pervert, so WTF are people saying about me???

This was the response that I received after making a FOI request to see if I had ever been on a criminal offenders list like the one Jane Clift was wrongly and maliciously put on. The document above is my clean CRB check and the one below says that I am not nor ever have been on any offenders list.



Monday, May 18, 2015 9:45 AM


Graham Whiffin


request for information to MAPPA mailbox

Dear Mr Gray

Thanks for your request for information.

To confirm that you are not on a list of offenders held by the police at this time and not subject to MAPPA oversight.  If you have a specific question for Surrey Police I recommend you contact them on 101.

Kind Regards


Mark Bamford

MAPPA Team Manager

National Probation Service

Tel: 01273 627 835 (Sussex)

Reception: 01273 627800 (external)

SEESurreySussexMAPPA/SouthEast/NPS (internal)

Graham Whiffin        18/05/2015 10:17




Hi Mark

Firstly my name is Graham Whiffin and not Mr Gray.

Secondly I asked specifically if I am on, OR EVER HAVE BEEN on a Surrey OR Sussex council offenders list. I contacted both Guildford and Elmbridge councils who said that they did not keep such lists – which I don’t think is correct – so they put me on to you.

Your reply says that ‘I am not on a list of offenders at this time’ is reassuring, but does not confirm if I have ever been on a list in the past which I think could be the case, and is why I am asking for this information.

Surrey police have been no help in this matter.


Graham Whiffin

Hi Graham

Apologies for mistyping your name.

I am not sure if your query is in relation to housing but don't think I can help you any further.  If it is then the local council should be able to advise.

I don't believe the police are likely to hold a specific list of offenders and if you had convictions but these were now spent then you wouldn't be on a list. If you refer to the link below it gives more information on MAPPA and offenders managed under us but I think whoever advised you to contact us may have been confused in referring you to us.



Mark Bamford

MAPPA Team Manager

National Probation Service

Reception: 01273 627800 (external)

SEESurreySussexMAPPA/SouthEast/NPS (internal)

Dear Mr Whiffin,

Thank you for your email. I can confirm that we do not hold a criminal offenders list.

Surrey Police will be able to help you with this. Below are a couple of links which will help you obtain information held about you:

You can also contact them on 101 and ask to speak to the Data Protection Team.

I hope this is of some help.

Kind regards

Annabel Crouch, Policy Officer

Organisational Development

Elmbridge Borough Council

Direct line: 01372 474398

Dear Mr Whiffin

Thank you for your email.  As you made your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the format of this response is formal in order to meet our legal requirements.

We do not hold a central list of criminal offenders.  If you have completed any documentation within a specific service at the Council informing us that you have a criminal offence, please let us know which service this was for.

Your right to ask for an internal review

I trust the above addresses your enquiry. However, if you do not agree with the way I have dealt with your request, you may write to ask the Council to review my decision. Another officer will carry out a review and they will then write to you, letting you know whether they agree with my decision or whether they have reached a different conclusion.

You should write to, Customer Services, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BB( It is important that you clearly state that you are asking for an Internal Review and provide a copy of your correspondence with the Council about this request.  We recommend that you include the FOI reference number and “Internal Review” in the email or letter header to help avoid delays.

Your right to appeal to the Information Commissioner

You also have the right to contact the Information Commissioner if you believe we have failed to meet our obligations to deal with your request for information. Please remember that they will usually only consider appeals after the Council has had the opportunity to carry out an internal review.  More guidance about your rights is available on the Information Commissioner’s website at

Kind regards

Vicki Sygrove

Customer Service Advisor

Telephone: 01483 505050

Follow us on Twitter @GuildfordBC




I know all about these.....




Police harassment warnings are a one sided, and often dishonest account of a grievance between two parties. Not only do the police commonly hand them out without ever bothering to confirm the truth of the allegations, they then remain on record where they can cause damage at a later date, preventing you from getting a job or used as evidence to prosecute you.






They are in effect a verdict without trial.


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