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Why Are So Many Still Asleep? 


When the narcissist wants to evoke some punishment on a target they dispatch their henchmen (aka flying monkeys) to do their bidding. Unfortunately, this can and often does include abusive behavior such as guilt-tripping, twisting the truth, gaslighting, assaults, threats, and violence.

Sorry for cutting myself off from people, long before campaigning against mandates etc., I have been part of this group of people, on both sides of the Atlantic, we call ourselves “targeted individuals” and we believe we are being used as guinea pig in what is the latest and main spin-off of the MK Ultra Program.

One of the first thing they do to us is to completely assassinate our character, to isolate us from family, friends and local communities.

And to be entirely honest, in my dealings with fellow anti-mandates campaigners, I had often had the feeling of people being gotten at beforehand, meaning they believing all the lies being spread about us targeted individuals in general and myself in particular, meaning we are supposed to be bad people, antisocial people etc. etc.

I must confess that on top of having my entire life completely being destroyed by these Programs, and after years of experiencing preciously little else in my relation with people other that betrayal and back stabbing, this has been pretty heartbreaking and soul destroying, but not entirely unexpected though, because the campaign of character assassination they usually conduct against us in the community, is absolutely ferocious,and after all, fellow anti-mandate, anti-lockdown campaigners live in that same community too.

What I would like to say is, if you believe all the lies being spread against us in general and myself in particular, why don't you also believe all the Covid bs narrative, because both narrative and operations are tightly interconnected and being pushed by the same globalist people?

Glad you are amongst us P. We agree wholeheartedly with you and experience the same. THE SAME. It is the endgame and we are not being released to the zoo. We need to be together. Doctors admit knowing about it at last.

MWC has started a campaign to stop it. Targeted UK and A C is a good support, also having a bad time. Dee Howlett on You Tube is helping with an electronic jammer...maybe ready next month. It can happen together P.

It’s not just in the outside world. I’ve felt cut off from the TI community for over a year now, ever since I started my online poster campaign. People can be so fickle. It’s hard to show those TI’s support that have shown me no support in the last year, and this is BEFORE I became vocal. Keep up the good work P.

The people doing this gang-stalking, persecution are narcissistic psychopaths and know exactly what they are doing. They know that you are innocent, but get their kicks out of watching you trying to prove it in vain. Sickos the lot of them!

The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than what unites them.

A snob loves inequality and look down upon someone else that is not as lucky. There must be a difference not necessarily a huge gap.

The boss that refers to their sunglasses as "My Gucci" looking down at the secretary or even more so to the janitor.

A freemason looking at the profane - that's all non-masons.

A snob is of course a narcissist.

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