Chapter 5 - The Brotherhood

Another book that lifts the lid on these evil scum and explains how they operate is the masonic exposé, The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight.

These scumbags are liars and users and they will use the general public – the vulgar and profane they call us – to further their illegal targetting campaigns.

Coercing normally good, law abiding people into criminal acts and inane stunts on the basis of a pack of lies to further their campaigns against innocent victims.

The main goal of this harassment is to destroy the targets reputation and credibility. Make the target look crazy and unstable. Rumours, lies, slander and gossip play a great part towards this end. Often the lies will consist of the target being into something illegal, or is someone dangerous that needs to be watched for some vague reason - a prostitute, drug dealer crazy, terrorist, rapist, pedophile, wife beater etc. Anything to turn the gullible public against the target.

People are told never to say anything to the target as to why he is being targeted, so...

The target is never allowed to tell their side of the story or to clear their name, so you are in fact, guilty until proved innocent, no due process here. This one sided assessment can include false reports, lies, fabricated evidence and legitimate incidents where the target was set up.

Setting up the target could involve getting them arrested, set up on fake sexual harassment charges, drug charges, illegal pornographic materials, etc. page 147.

It is not very difficult to ruin a man. – page 144 - With their criminal expertise, know-how and corrupt, complicit police officers, they can set anyone up to be anything they say you are.

Actions by groups of freemasons have resulted in financial or social ruin of people. page142.

People who have 'crossed' masons have finished up in prison. Page 143. masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges and plant evidence. page 147.

And in their sick, warped minds I crossed one of them and so must now be persecuted, but I have no way of knowing what they say I did so no way to repudiate, or dispute it. Scum!

masonry's nationwide organisation of men from most walks of life provides one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. A dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly. When major facts were known, areas of vulnerability become apparent. Financial difficulties, a vice, a mistress, visiting prostitutes or a minor criminal record, which could then so easily be exaggerated to make the victim into a major villain - from page 145.

Digging the dirt on someone, then exaggerating it out of all proportion. It's funny that where ever I go, even places where no one knows me, within a few days they all know about my few, very minor misdemeanours from my teens and early twenties. But of course now it has all been grossly exaggerated. Everyone has always known about this, I have never kept it a secret as it was just juvenile behaviour from my youth. None of it bothered anyone until a couple of years ago when these masonic scum started spreading it about and exaggerating it and making me out to be Britain's most wanted.

Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them. Most people, fighters or not are beaten in the end though. You finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought of as a crank, one of those nuts who thinks the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under. If they don’t give in its only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to them and the people around them, there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. ‘there is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.’ - from page 149 - The Brotherhood.

Of course these excerpts are just a sample of what the book has to say about this criminal fraternity, but is what is happening, not only to me, but many other innocent victims around the country today.