When certain people start disliking you - They will want everybody else to dislike you too.... Then the LIES Begin!! So any of you scumbag masons spreading sh*t about me, come and say it to my face. We'll see how brave you are then.

This picture and text was recently posted on my facebook page.

It moved me and brought a tear to my eye.

80 years on and we still have these fascist, nazi scum perpetrating their evil on innocent people. Isn't about time we consigned the masons and all these other psychopaths to the dustbin of history?

Posted by Mike Diamond

11 March  2021

Her name was Czeslawa Kwoka, and her crime was being Polish, Catholic, and 14 years old. Her red triangle was for political prisoners, because of where she was born in Poland. After this photo was taken, she was killed in Auschwitz extermination camp on March 12, 1943 with a phenol injection in the heart. Just before the execution, she was photographed by prisoner Wilhelm Brasse, who would later testify against the executioner of Czeslawa, a woman. Just before the photo, the executioner punched her in the face, as the hematoma on her lip shows. This is the face of a terrified little girl, who didn't even speak the language of her executioner. She had lost her mother a few days before. But she dried her tears to look presentable for the photo. They took her hair and her life, but they couldn’t take her dignity.

She was only one of about 250,000 children and minors who were executed in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

This is what happens when hatred is cultivated in a nation and thugs gain control. Wake up people. It's happening here.

A very important sign of fascism - lies. Of course, not everyone who lies is a fascist, but every fascist is definitely a liar. He just has to lie. ... And no one more accurately said Ernest Hemingway about them: "Fascism is a lie told by bandits."

When certain people start disliking you.... They will want everybody else to dislike you too....

Then the LIES Begin!!

Says right here. Once you are 'watchlisted' gangstalking is for life.


I'm being stalked and slandered by criminal freemasons and their lackeys. They follow me around and watch who I talk to, they then tell them false and disgusting stories about me, denigrating and besmirching my good name.

It's all just a well orchestrated malicious and slanderous smear campaign being spread by people that don't know the first thing about me. Just braindead litlle jobsworths following orders from their scumbag paymasters.

They coerce normaly good, law abiding people to cough at me, harass and shun me and other totally inane criminal acts.

These people are not right in the head, they are the criminals, they are psychopaths, they are the narcissists not me!!!

They're all psychopaths.

Most psychopaths don’t technically break the law and most never go to prison or mental hospitals. They lead seemingly normal lives by not hurting people in ways that attract attention. Their attacks are usually covert and subtle.

They are typically not held accountable for the physical, emotional, and psychological damage they inflict. Few victims report them to the police due to the shame they feel for being deceived. Although they usually don’t commit crimes, their behavior is a type of crime within the context of natural law.

As one of their special abilities, they can terrorize most normal people, often in covert ways. Just as they are able to mask themselves they can mask their attacks, which are often psychological and emotional. Their subtle arsenal of tactics is designed to place people on the defensive, make them retreat, or submit—all done while being concealed.

Psychopaths need frequent amusement and like to play games with people. Absent any goal, they will deceive and manipulate people because they find it exciting. They feel sadistic pleasure while mocking and controlling others. It offers them a thrill. To them it is fun.

Many psychopaths focus on a single person at a time because it takes much effort to maintain a facade for multiple different people simultaneously. However, some do enjoy the challenge of running multiple deceits. Some are opportunistic and will take advantage of anyone. Others are more patient and wait for what they consider to be the perfect victim. Some enjoy the challenge of attacking confident people, while others prefer the weak and vulnerable".

Narcissist vs. Sociopath vs. Psychopath: What’s the Difference? 

These personality disorders involve a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behaviour, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, demanding and may have intense, fluctuating emotions and an excessive concern with prestige, power and personal adequacy. They think of themselves as special, privileged, entitled, and void of flaws—in other words, they give themselves plenty of latitude, while giving others little to none. In their mind, they are always right, and the rules don’t really apply to them. They are incapable of admitting mistakes and taking responsibility. If things work, they believe it is thanks to them. If things fail, it’s the fault of others.

Which sums up the freemason exactly and the scumbags harassing me.

They join this pernicious cult to get a leg-up in life because of their inadequecies, thinking that they are more deserving than everyone else and the rules don't apply to them. I saw this and the strokes they pulled when I worked with several of these criminal, scumbag psychos. Declared bankrupt then within a year they're millionaires again. It's fraud! Why haven't they been arrested?

Perhaps read Truth Behind The Uniform for the answer to that.

Bankrupt tiler from Cardiff receives suspended prison sentence after he tried to hide a property which should have been used to pay his debts.



They're all grasses and police informers too, selectively though as they only inform on those they don't like, turning a blind eye to their own friends and family that are dealing drugs and other serious crimes. And if they don't have information, they make it up, making false allegations and conspiring with others to set people up.

Headline below says it all. ROTTEN TO THE CORE!



This recent post to my fb page shown below reminded me of this story where the police were found out to be spreading false stories about someone saying he was a pedo, but turns out he wasn’t and so the police got away with it because they said it was and ‘accident’ not intentional. 

So, lets say the police intentionally start spreading lies about someone saying that they are a pedo or something else abhorrent. This can then go on for years until the victim gets wind of it and challenges the stories. Then the police just say, sorry mate, it was an accident, a case of mistaken identity. That’s of course if they ever do get wind of it as people are always told never to say anything to the targets so they never ever find out what they are being accused of falsely and behind their backs so can never challenge it.

West Mercia Police sorry over false paedophile claims 06/07/2018


A Shropshire publican was 'mistakenly' branded a paedophile, after police sent out an erroneous criminal record.

Darren Price, who runs the Boars Head in Bishop's Castle, said the claims about convictions for sexual offences destroyed his life.

West Mercia Police has apologised, and said it was a "genuine mistake".

The police can destroy your life, and get away with it with only an apology... That's not much of a deterrent stopping them wilfully doing the same to others!


Are you one of the 20,000 people wrongly branded a criminal? Police blunders give thousands records for crimes they have not committed. 

Official figures downplay the scale of the problem


At least 20,000 people have been wrongly denounced as criminals or accused of more serious crimes because of blunders by the police and Criminal Records Bureau, it emerged today.

Many victims may have been unfairly turned down for jobs or volunteering positions, or have had their reputations destroyed because of the errors in vetting checks.

Most chillingly, a lot of people would not even know of the errors until the criminal check is made and challenged.


Some people have the good fortune to find out what the police are wrongly and maliciously saying about them and then challenged it. That is all I am asking for, the right to challenge these false and slanderous stories being maliciously spread about me by corrupt police and masons. Innocent untill proved guilty. Remember that old concept? Not guilty, because some lowlife, corrupt, criminal scumbag with an agenda says so.



'A lie, if it is repeated enough, will become the truth'. This statement has been attributed to several dictatorial individuals - from both sides of the political divide. What this tells us, is that 'fake news' has been around for far longer than we think. And, we can also conclude that it has never ended well for the perpetrators; truth, somehow, always comes out in the end. 


This is the latest piece of info that I have received.


So, I understand that if a mason breaks their oaths he can then be severely punished in many different ways including even death.

They can ruin your reputation by pointing you out to the world as an unworthy vagabond by opposing your interests, by deranging your business, by transferring your character after you wherever you may go and by exposing you to the contempt of the whole fraternity and world.

But I am not a mason, so how can they do this to me?

By skulduggery. By making me an honorary member of the lodge without me knowing.

But how would they do that?

By inviting me to a 'Christmas Party' and hoodwinking me that it was just a function at a golf club and the ‘jokes’ they were playing on me and telling me to ‘just go along with it as it is only a bit of fun’ were all part of the subterfuge to initiate me into becoming a honorary member of the lodge.

Honorary Treasurer I think they said, but it was 10 years ago. Perhaps ask.

This would then give them the right, in their eyes anyway, to then punish and persecute me forever more.

How sick and criminal is that?


So this happened just after I moved back to Esher after 5 years in Devon. I had worked  for more than 20 years before this so he had invited me down to 'b' to their Christmas do for a get together. Or that's what I was told. When I arrived with a mutual friend we went into the bar area and was told that they would all be out soon as they were just finishing their meal. When they emerged came over and greeted me and ushered me into where they had just come out from and I noticed that the tables were arranged in a square. He beckoned me to a chair and said sit down Graham, have some of this triffle, it's really good. I declined, but he was insistent and so I tried a little. He then said to the rest of the guys there I nominate Graham as our new treasurer who seconds that and someone said I do. He kept saying to just go along with it as it was just a little joke. I thought it weird, but he was a prankster and was always joking around. 

Of course since receiving this new information from an ex-mason it has all started to fit together and I can now see what they were doing to me. At the time I did not know  was a mason nor anything about masonry at all or mentor .

Since this they have also made several unwarented small payments of money to me, gifts or windfalls every so often. Of course in their warped minds I do not deserve these and so is more reason for them to punish me. Except that I never ever kept any of these gifts or windfalls as I knew exactly where they had come from and donated every penny to charity which I can easily prove. So thanks for your generosity.

It’s now very clear that these people are the complete antithesis of Christian that they purport to be and are in fact devil worshippers, luciferians, satanists. Their god is satan and Jesus is their enemy.

Their oaths are the most visible proof of this as Jesus says no man should take oaths.

They actually praise the devil and put curses on their enemies. That is what all the gobbledegook was and the food offering when they put the curse on me.

It's not called the craft for nothing - witchcraft!!!

The fact is that it is really a cult within a cult, with only the top-most ranks knowing all the real secrets and the true extent of their evilness. Mostly the lower ranks will only have joined because they are lifes inadequates needing a leg up in life, however they will be watched and assessed to see if they have the necessary to progress further. All the time, being lied to and used as we all are by these evil scum.

And they call us, the profane and the vulgar. I am just so very grateful to have had decent parents that brought me up decent and proper, the right way.

These are very sad people indeed that are on the path to hell. If they were to read The Bible they would see this as there is only one winner. 

Jesus wins 11 11



There seems to be many, many more Christians renouncing masonry for Christ these days too. Several more here here.

















That's it. Ask to see some proof of their stories about me. There aint none!!!

That's it. Ask to see some proof of their stories about me. There aint none!!!

My only concern is my character not my reputation.
My character is who I am: 
Kind, honest, fair, loyal, compassionate, unselfish, caring, hard-working, strong, dependable etc.
My reputation is who scumbags say I am, they can go to hell, and undoubtedly will.

My only concern is my character not my reputation.
My character is who I am:
Kind, honest, fair, loyal, compassionate, unselfish, caring, hard-working, strong, dependable etc.
My reputation is who scumbags say I am, they can go to hell, and undoubtedly will.

Seems like the scum are running out of steam and giving up. Or perhaps they all really do have rona. Lets hope so lol.

Seems like the scum are running out of steam and giving up. Or perhaps they all really do have rona. Lets hope so lol.

Headline says it all. ROTTEN TO THE CORE! Needs sorting.

Headline says it all. ROTTEN TO THE CORE! Needs sorting.

The people who are supposed to protect us are sometimes the ones we need protecting from

The people who are supposed to protect us are sometimes the ones we need protecting from

Stop police targeting us, false past entries on database, smear campaigns

Stop police targeting us, false past entries on database, smear campaigns

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